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Mehak Bharti

Dr. Mehak Bharti

Assistant Professor
EducationMBA, PhD
OfficeTRS 3-111


My current research focuses on the role of the “self” in consumer behaviour. I am interested in understanding the role of self across various domains and decision contexts. My main topics of investigation include Social Media imagery (the impact of self-focus in selfie versus non-selfie campaigns and candid versus posed imagery), Self-Construal (the influence of self-construal on promotion, the role of gender stereotypes in advertisements across cultures), and Mindsets (the impact of pragmatic versus idealistic self on material versus experiential consumption, competitive mindset, and narcissism). Furthermore, I also strive to look for ways that can positively transform consumer behavior. My focus on Mindfulness (a mode or state of awareness) is an attempt to empower consumers to make marketplace choices that enhance their well-being. I use lab experiments, field studies, and implicit methods (eye-tracking, IAT, mouse tracking, etc.) in my research. 

Originally from India, my experiences of living in different countries and cultures like India, France, Singapore, Canada and the Netherlands have shaped my understanding of the influence of self across various consumption contexts, as reflected in my research interests.

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Cross-cultural Marketing, Mindfulness, Social Media Imagery, Mindsets, Gender.

Published work
Ng, S., Bharti, M., & Goh, K. H. (2021). Price Promotions Are Inherently More Arousing for Interdependents. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 6(1), 67-80. 
• Media coverage: WARC (external link, opens in new window) 
Bharti, M., Suneja, V., & Bharti, M. (2022). Mindfulness as an antidote to conspicuous consumption: The mediating roles of self-esteem, self-concept clarity and normative influence. Personality and Individual Differences, 184, 111215.
Book chapters
Sharon Ng, Bharti Mehak, Truong Natalie, “The impact of Gender and Culture in Consumer Behavior” in The Cambridge Handbook of the International Psychology of Women, eds. Fanny M. Cheung and Diane F. Halpern, Cambridge University Press: UK, pp. 244-257
Jayanti Ranjan, Karan Jindal, Mehak Bharti, “Integrating Marketing Strategy with changing CRM: an Indian Perspective” in Trends in Marketing Towards Business Excellence, eds. Sandeep Puri, Jayanthi Ranjan, Jay Mitra, and Rakesh Chopra, Macmillan: India, pp. 103-115
Course title
Introduction to Marketing
International Marketing
Business Research Methods
Research Skills
  • Singapore Management University research scholarship 
  • Nanyang Technological University research scholarship