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Matthew Philip

Dr. Matthew Philp

Assistant Professor
DepartmentMarketing Management
EducationBBA, MSc, PhD
OfficeTRS 3-121
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 544594


In his role as assistant professor of marketing, Matthew researches issues related to consumer and buyer behavior, primarily in a digital and social media context. At Ted Rogers School of Management, Matthew teaches Marketing Metrics.

Before joining TRSM, Matthew taught at HEC Montréal across the MBA, MSc, and Bacc programs and before that completed his PhD and MSc degrees at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University.

Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Technology, Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Self-Identity, Word-of-Mouth.

Publications in Refereed Journals
Pancer, Ethan, Matthew Philp, Max Poole, and Theodore Noseworthy (in press), “Content Hungry: How the Nutrition of Food Media Influences Social Media Engagement (external link, opens in new window) ,” Journal of Consumer Psychology.
Huang, Bo, and Matthew Philp (2021), “When AI-Based Services Fail: Examining the Effect of the Self-AI Connection on Willingness to Share Negative Word-Of-Mouth After Service Failures (external link, opens in new window) ,” Service Industries Journal, 41 (13-14), 877-899.
Philp, Matthew, and Martin Pyle (2021), “The ‘Easy Win’ Preference: Negative Consumption Experiences, Incompetence, and the Influence on Subsequent Unrelated Loyalty Behavior (external link, opens in new window) ,” Journal of Business Research, 128 (May), 1-10.
Lussier, Bruno, Matthew Philp, Nathanial Hartmann, and Heiko Wieland (2021), “Social Anxiety and Salesperson Performance: The Roles of Mindful Acceptance and Perceived Sales Manager Support (external link, opens in new window) ,” Journal of Business Research, 124 (January), 112-125.
Philp, Matthew, and Laurence Ashworth (2020), “I Should Have Known Better!: When Firm-Caused Failure Leads to Self-Image Concerns and Reduces Negative Word-of-Mouth (external link, opens in new window) ,” Journal of Business Research, 116 (August), 283-293.
Philp, Matthew, and Antonia Mantonakis (2020), “Guiding Consumers’ Evaluation Strategies and the Probability of Order-Effects-in-Choice (external link, opens in new window) ,” Journal of Business Research, 112 (May), 13-22.
Philp, Matthew, and Marcelo-Vinhal Nepomuceno (2020), “When the Frugal Become Wasteful: An Examination into how Impression Management Can Initiate the End-Stages of Consumption for Frugal Consumers (external link, opens in new window) ,” Psychology & Marketing, 37(2), 326-339.
Philp, Matthew, Martin Pyle, and Laurence Ashworth (2018), “Risking the Self: The Impact of Self-Esteem on Negative Word-of-Mouth Behavior (external link, opens in new window) ,” Marketing Letters, 29(1), 101-113.
Course code
Course title
MTK 300 Marketing Metrics
Year Grant
2019-2023 Insight Development Grant - Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)