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Vik Singh

Dr. Vik Singh

Associate Professor
DepartmentGlobal Management Studies
EducationMA, MBA, PhD
OfficeTRS 1-101
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 6839
Areas of ExpertiseGlobal Management, International Finance, Culture Linkages


Dr. Vik Singh holds the position of Associate Professor within the Global Management Studies program at the Ted Rogers School of Management. His research focuses on exploring the profound influence of culture on global connections, with a particular emphasis on understanding the complexities countries encounter in managing geopolitical risk amidst a rapidly globalizing world. Additionally, Dr. Singh explores the intricate relationship between ethnicity and housing purchasing behaviours while investigating the impact of board diversity and tenure on environmental performance within a global context. He earned his Ph.D. in Business from Griffith University, complemented by an MBA from the Schulich School of Business at York University and an MA in Economics from the University of Regina.

Geopolitical risks, International Business, Board tenure and diversity, Corporate Social Responsibility.

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles
Singh, V., Correa da Cunha, H., & Mangal, S. (2023). "Do geopolitical risks impact trade patterns in Latin America?" Defence and Peace Economics, 1–18.
Correa da Cunha, H., Singh, V., & Carlyle, S. (2023). "Host country cultural profile and the performance of foreign subsidiaries in Latin America." International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 22(3), 531–555.
Singh, V., & Roca, E. (2023). "Do birds of the same feather flock together? The cultural geography of global housing price interaction." Applied Economics, 1–18.
Singh, V., Sui, S., & Guo, X. (2023). "Board gender diversity, government subsidies, and green vehicles sales: Evidence from China." Business Ethics, the Environment & Responsibility32(2), 790-801.
Singh, V., Shirazi, H., & Turetken, J. (2022). "The COVID-19 era—Influencers of uneven sector performance: A Canadian perspective." Economies10(2), 40.
Correa da Cunha, H., Singh, V., & Xie, S. (2022). "The determinants of outward foreign direct investment from Latin America and the Caribbean: An integrated entropy-based TOPSIS multiple regression analysis framework." Journal of Risk and Financial Management15(3), 130.
Correa da Cunha, H., Ruzgar, N.S., & Singh, V. (2022). "The moderating effects of host country governance and trade openness on the relationship between cultural distance and financial performance of foreign subsidiaries in Latin America." International Journal of Financial Studies10(2), 26. 
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Singh, V., Li, B., & Roca, E. (2019). "Global and regional linkages across market cycles: Evidence from partial correlations in a network framework." Applied Economics51(33), 3551-3582.
Working Papers
Correa da Cunha, H., Singh, V., Amal, M., Grellmann, G., & Farrell, C. "Geopolitical risk and foreign direct investment flows in Latin America: Spillovers from GPR in the US and China.
Singh, V., Sui, S., & Chaudhri, A. "Impacts of industry volatility on corporate environmental performance during COVID: the moderating effects of CEO heterogeneity and board tenure."
Singh, V., Omura, A., & Roca, E. "Geopolitical risks and superannuation funds in Australia and Canada."
Singh V. (2021). "COVID -19 impact on Toronto: Labour market outcomes and technology adoption in organizations," Policy Report, submitted to the City of Toronto as part of the CivicLabTo initiative (the report was funded jointly by City of Toronto and MITACS)
March 2023–March 2024: TRSM Matching Grant, $1000.
May 2023–May 2024: SSHRC Explore Grant, $7,000.
May 2022–April 2023: TRSM Research Development Grant, $7000.
October 2021–October 2022: TRSM Matching Grant, $1000.
May 2022–August 2022: TRSM Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) Grant, $5,032.
March 2021–August 2022: TRSM Research Advancement Grant, $15,000.
January 2021: TRSM Publishing Fund, $500.
November 2020–April 2021: TRSM Matching Grant, $1000.
November 2020–February 2021: Mitacs Accelerate Grant and City of Toronto Grant, $30,000.
May 2019–June 2020: TRSM Research Development Grant, $7000.
May 2019–August 2019: TRSM Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) Grant, $10,064.
Sophia Chea (MScM, in progress)
Alif Ahsan Bipu (MScM, in progress)
Yu Wei Ye, (Ph.D., in progress)
Arathiga Sabaratnam (MScM, graduated 2023)
Omaid Mahmoodi (MScM, graduated 2023)