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Michael Manjuris

Chair, Global Management Studies | Professor
DepartmentGlobal Management Studies
EducationBASc, MBA, PEng
OfficeTRS 1-060
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 7083
Research and Professional Contributions
1996-1997 Produced papers on Retail competition internationally and use of innovation as a competitive advantage.
1995-Present DAC Committees
1994-Present Lectured in International Business, Strategic Marketing, Strategy, Innovation, Business Ethnics, Operations Management
1994-1998 Help develop the Link Program of computer integration into the classroom
1994-1995 Past Advisor to The Ryerson Business Forum
1993-Present Development and growth of the Business School’s International Student Exchange Program.
1991-1996 Past Director Office of International Business Relations, Ryerson University
Course code Course title
IBS 600 International Business Strategy
IBS 723 International Trade
IBS 724 The Management of International Enterprise
MKT 730 The Management of New Products
MKT 502 Consumer’s Behaviour
MGT 402 Introduction to Managerial Economics
MGT 401 Operations Management
MGT 802 Ethical Leadership
ENT 725 Management of Innovation
MGT 750 Consulting to Management
MGT 200 Introduction to Management
Course code Course title
MBA International Business
Undergraduate Course Development:
Course code Course title
MGT 750 Curriculum Development
IBS 600 Business Simulation and Curriculum Development
ENT 725 Curriculum Development
IBS 724/IBS 723
Curriculum Development
ENT 725 Curriculum Development
MGT 401 Case Writing Text Review
IBS 724/IBS 723
Curriculum Development
MGT 750 Curriculum Development
ENT 725 Curriculum Development
MGT 750 Curriculum Development
Year Professional Affiliations
1999-Present  Member, Exporters Association of Canada
1999-Present Member, Canadian Centre for Ethics
1999-Present Member, Canadian Alliance for the Advancement of Technology and Innovation
1991-Present Member, Canadian/German Business Association
1991-Present  Member, Canadian/Italian Business Association
1981-Present  Member, Professional Engineers of Ontario