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Howard Lin

Dr. Howard Lin

Director, Canada-China Institute for Business & Development | Professor
DepartmentGlobal Management Studies
EducationBA, MS, PhD
OfficeTRS 1-068
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 6719


Dr. Howard Lin received an MA in economics from the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing and a PhD in marketing/international business from Oklahoma State University. He was a faculty member of Pennsylvania State University’s School of Graduate Professional Studies and University of Windsor. Howard has published his research on international business in scholarly journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Journal of International Business Studies, Management International Review, Journal of World Business, Journal of International Marketing, and International Marketing Review. A 2006 report by Michigan State University has ranked him among the top 90 most prolific scholars in IB research based on the cumulative publication counts in five leading international business journals. He has studied immigrant entrepreneurship in relation to the international dynamic due to growing immigrant populations in Canada from the Pacific-Rim countries. Lin was the founder of the Centre for the Study of Canada-Asia Business at Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, an economist in the International Business Department with the Bank of China, and director of international business assistance at the Center for International Trade Development, a regional hub for international business affiliated with U.S. Department of Agriculture. He was former chair of the Academy of International Business Canada Chapter and currently serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Small Business & Entrepreneurship.

International joint ventures, foreign direct investment, emerging markets, cross-cultural & comparative management, transnational & immigrant entrepreneurship, innovation & commercialization.

Selected Publications
Kalu, Kenneth, Oliver Okafor and Xiaohua Lin (2022), “Strengthening State Capacity in Africa: Implications from the Washington and Beijing Consensus”, Journal of Public Affairs, (external link, opens in new window) 
Yang, Xiyan and Xiaohua Lin (2021), Overcoming Informal Barriers to Trade: Immigrant educational attainment vs. network competence, International Business Review, (external link) 
Yang, Yanjiao, Farrell C, Xiaohua Lin (2021), Antecedents of Consumer Economic Nationalism: The Role of Need for Cognition and Cosmopolitanism, Journal of Global Marketing. (external link) 
Lin, Xiaohua, Akin Kocak and Alan Carsrud (2021), Contextualizing Entrepreneurial Intentions: Economic Dynamism and Culture in Multilayered Relationships. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship, (external link) 
Yang, Yanjiao and Xiaohua Lin (2019), “­­Integrate or Not to Integrate: HRM Practice of Chinese Ban­­­­ks in Canada”, International Journal of Human Resource Management, 30 (14), 2186-2210.
Zhu, Qin, Ren-an Jia and Xiaohua Lin (2019), "Building Sustainable Circular Agriculture in China: Economic Viability and Entrepreneurship", Management Decision, 57 (4), 1108-1122.
Li, Jiaming and Xiaohua Lin (2017), “Assessing Credit Guarantee Companies in China: Applying a New Framework”, China Economic Review, 44, 98–111.
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Lin, Xiaohua and Shavin Malhotra (2012), "To Adapt or Not to Adapt: The Moderating Effect of Perceived Similarity in Cross-Cultural Interaction", International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 36 (1), 118-129.
Wang, Huiyao, David Zweig and Xiaohua Lin (2011), "Returnee Entrepreneurs: Impact on China’s Globalization Process", Journal for Contemporary China, 20 (70): 413-431.
Lin, Xiaohua (2010), “State versus Entrepreneurial MNCs from China: Initial Conceptualizations and Evidence”, International Marketing Review, 27 (3): 366-380.
Lin, Xiaohua (2010), “Contemporary Diaspora Entrepreneurship: A Conceptual and Comparative Framework”, in Benson Honig et al. (eds.) Transnational and Immigrant Entrepreneurship in a Globalized World, Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 31-59.
Wang, Cheng Lu and Xiaohua Lin (2009), “Chinese Consumer Values: Cultural Tradition and Contemporary Renaissance”, Journal of Business Ethics, 88 (3): 399-409.
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Wang, Chenglu, Xiaohua Lin, Allan K. K. Chan and Yizheng Shi (2005), “Conflict Handling Styles in International Joint Ventures: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-National Comparison”, Management International Review, 45 (1): 3-21.
Lin, Xiaohua and Richard Germain (2003), "Organizational Structure, Context, Customer Orientation, and Performance: Lessons from Chinese State-Owned Enterprises", Strategic Management Journal, 24 (11), 1131-1151.
Lin, Xiaohua and Steve Miller (2003), “Negotiation Approaches: Direct and Indirect Effect of National Culture”, International Marketing Review, 20 (3), 286-303.
Lin, Xiaohua and Richard Germain (2003), “Product Quality Orientation and Its Performance Implications in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises”, Journal of International Marketing, 11 (2), 59-77.
Lin, Xiaohua and Jian Guan (2002), “Patient Satisfaction and Referral Intension: Effects of Minority Experience, Patient-Physician Match on Ethnic Origin and Cultural Similarity”, Health Marketing Quarterly, 20 (2), 49-68.
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Lin, Xiaohua and Richard Germain (1998), "Sustaining Satisfactory Joint Venture Relationships: The Role of Conflict Resolution Strategy", Journal of International Business Studies, 29 (1): 197-214.
Course code Course title
MB 8401 Marketing Management
MB 8107 Advanced International Marketing
GMS 724 Management of International Enterprise
GMS 691 The Asian Business Environment
Honour / Award
Research & Creativity Award (2010), Ryerson University
Top Researcher of the Year (2006) Commerce Society, Odette School of Business,University of Windsor  
Awards for Excellence in Scholarship, Research & Creative Activity (2005) University of Windsor
Recognition for Contributions to Employment Equity (2002-04) University of Windsor  
Research Excellence Award (2003) Odette School of Business, University of Windsor  
Honorable Professor (2000-2002) Chinese Enterprise Confederation, China  
Ph.D. Thesis Examiner (2000) Victoria University of Technology, Australia
Diversity Recognition Award (2000) Pennsylvania State University, Great Valley  
Doctoral Symposium Fellow (1996) University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Exceptional Leadership Award (1991) Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
International Banking Fellow (1988) Barclays International Banking Group, London
Professional Affiliations
Editor in Chief
Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship
2017-current Member
Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (Canada)
2011-current Academic Committee 
Tsinghua University, Center of Research on Overseas Chinese Business
2010-current International Research Board
Journal of Small Business Management
2008-2020 Vice President (research)
Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
2006-2016 Chair
Academy of International Business Canada Chapter