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The Group

Worried about polarization?

Us too.

So we started Freestyle Labs to understand what we could do about it. Specifically, we study how games and social norms can create better conversations.


Research interests include:

  • Affective Polarization
  • Science Curiosity
  • Critical Thinking
  • Threat and Challenge Psychological Models
  • Identity Protective Cognition

For further information about Freestyle labs please click here (external link, opens in new window) .

Reeda Mahmood

Hometown: Brampton, ON, Canada

BSc: Ryerson University (2017)

MSc: Ryerson University (2020)

Reeda is working on developing new conductive surfaces for novel DSSC architectures.

Emma Dennis

Hometown: North Saanich, BC, Canada

BSc: University of Victoria (2022)

Emma is working on synthesizing novel organic materials for photovoltaic applications.

Anthony Morgan

Hometown: Toronto, ON Canada

BSc: McMaster University (2010)

MSc: Laurentian University (2014)

PhD Candidate: Ryerson University (2023)

Anthony's PhD thesis is to better appreciate how critical thinking can be strengthened using constructed environments & how this will lead to more impactful science communication. Anthony is co-supervised with Dr. Jessica Mudry (opens in new window) 

Haifa Al Harz

Hometown: Mississauga, ON, Canada 

BASc: Dubai Women’s College (2006)

MEng: Ryerson University (2019)

Haifa is working on developing a novel technology for extracting and limiting absorption of hydrophobic fluids.

Group Alumni

Alumni Completion Year Level(s) Current Status/Employment
Vanessa Bairos 2019 MSc* MSc, Ryerson University
Tasnim Abukar 2019 MSc* MSc, Ryerson University
Camila Londono 2019 Postdoc* Postdoc, Ryerson University
Connor Taylor 2019 BSc Thesis ??
Saba Azizi-Soldouz 2019 BSc Thesis Research Associate - Koivisto Materials Consulting
Tavneet Singh 2019 BSc Thesis MSc, Ryerson University
Zainab Shakeel 2018 BSc Thesis MSc, Ryerson University
Leticia Dupont 2018 BSc - ICE exchange MSc, Concordia University
Lara Al-Nubani 2018 NSERC USRA BSc, Ryerson University
Francis Buguis 2018 BSc BSc, Western University
Olga Sarycheva 2018 MSc Russia
Donnie Stangroom 2017 BSc Undergraduate, Ryerson University
Malek El-Aooiti 2016 BSc PhD, Ryerson University
Muntaser Farooque 2017 BSc Thesis Catalent Pharma Solutions, Strathroy
Ben Fisher 2017 BSc, MSc Univeristy of Calgary
Mark Zaidi 2017 BSc BSc, Ryerson University
Selvyn Simoes 2017 BSc Thesis PhD York University
Jordan Bentley 2017 BSc Thesis PhD, York University
Kar-Wing Lo 2017 BSc Thesis ??
Jennifer Huyhn 2017 MSc Toronto Research Chemicals
Leslie Capobianco 2017 BSc OCAD
Laurie-Ann Whelan 2017 BSc Thesis MASc, Ryerson University
Kiron Gonidis 2016 NSERC USRA, BSc MSc, Western University
Burhan Hussein 2016 BSc, MSc PhD, Durham University, UK
Muhammad Yousaf 2016 PhD Contract lecturer, Ryerson University
Jeanette Adjei 2016 BSc MSc, Western University
Hardeep Devgan 2015 BSc Thesis Toronto Research Chemicals
Mohammad Choudhry 2015 BSc PhD, University of British Columbia
Omar Abdi  2015 BSc, MSc PhD, McGill University
Paloma Prieto 2015 NSERC USRA Berlinguette Group, Univeristy of British Columbia
Sara Abuadas 2015 BSc Thesis Heliatech, Velocity, Waterloo
Jelena Madzarevic 2015 BSc MASc, Ryerson University
Chris Barran 2014 NSERC USRA Law, University of Victoria
Andrew Harris 2014 BSc PhD, Western University
Christopher Lombardi 2014 BSc Thesis MSc, York University
Devin Machin 2014 BSc, MSc PhD, Western University
Alison Lee 2014 BSc Nymi, Inc., Associate Product Manager
Maryam Abdinejad 2014 MSc PhD, University of Toronto, Scarborough
Ellie Arnold 2013 NSERC USRA PhD, University of Toronto, 
Amy (Trinh) Pham 2013 BSc Thesis Pharmacy, University of Waterloo
Carolyn Khalil 2012 BSc Thesis Toronto Research Chemicals, Sales Representative
Catherine Bonnier 2012 PDF KPMG, SR&ED tax associate
Bryan Koivisto
Bryan D. Koivisto

Dr. Bryan D. Koivisto, Associate Professor Ryerson University, Ontario, Canada

Hometown: Sault Ste Marie, ON (more specifically RR#2 Desbarats)

After finishing his BSc at the University of Waterloo (2000), and PhD at the University of Victoria (2006), Dr. Koivisto held an NSERC PDF position at the University of Edinburgh investigating the utility of molecular machines for light harvesting (2006-2008). Dr. Koivisto then joined the Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment and Economy at the University of Calgary (2008-2011). There he continued to focus his research interests by investigating the conversion of light energy into solar fuels. In 2012, Dr. Koivisto joined the Department of Chemistry and Biology at Ryerson University. As an associate member of Ryerson’s Centre for Urban Energy, Dr. Koivisto’s work investigates the design of bio-inspired light-harvesting dyes for dye-sensitized solar cells. Since 2012, Bryan has established a vigorous research program to better appreciate the utility of organic dyes light-harvesting. After receiving promotion to Associate Professor in 2014, Dr. Koivisto has continued to embrace mentorship and innovation in scientific discovery, and has developed a number of programs designed to promote evidence-based experiential learning. As such, he was appointed the founding Director of the Science Discovery Zone (May 2016); a non-traditional STEM startup incubation ecosystem hosted at Ryerson University.