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Megan Scribe

Dr. Megan Scribe

Assistant Professor
EducationBA (York University), MA (York University), PhD (University of Toronto)
Phone416-979-5000 x556637

Dr. Scribe is on leave in the Winter 2023 term.

Megan Scribe is Ininiw from Norway House Cree Nation. 

Areas of Expertise:

Indigenous feminist and queer theories; Indigenous research methodologies and methods; interlocking systems of violence, oppression, and power; kinship, collaboration, and co-conspiring


Dr. Megan Scribe's scholarship and community-based advocacy exposes and interrogates interlocking structures of power and oppression giving rise to white settler societies like Canada. Over the last ten years, Dr. Scribe has focused on racist and anti-Indigenous gender-based violence targeting Indigenous women, girls, and 2LGBTQQIA+ people to further draw out the ways in which cis-heteropatriarchy upholds and advances settler society. These inquiries are grounded by Indigenous storywork and critical examinations of Indigenous prose and poetry, as well as legal narratives. This is necessarily interdisciplinary work indebted to critical Indigenous studies, Indigenous feminist and queer studies, post-colonialism, and critical race theory. Dr. Scribe's research into the white supremacist underpinnings of white settler societies has presented her with unexpected lines of inquiry and possibilities for community and collaboration to examine interlocking settler colonialism, anti-Blackness, and xenophobia.

Website:, external link, opens in new window


  • SOC 633: Sex, Gender Identities and Sexualities
  • SOC 576: Colonialism and Anti-Blackness
  • SOC 502: Violence and the Family 

Community & Professional Service:

Recent Publications:

Morgan, J.M., M. Scribe, A. Huard, and T. Cuthand. Forthcoming. "Grounding Indigenous Digital Humanities" In Making Space for Indigenous Feminisms (3rd Ed.), edited by G. Starblanket. Winnipeg: Fernwood. 

Scribe, M. 2022. “The Stories We Tell: Indigenous Women and Girls’ Narratives on Police Violence” in White Benevolence: Racism and Colonial Violence in the Helping Professions, external link, opens in new window (pp. 118-127), edited by A. Gebhard, S. Mclean, & V. St. Denis. Winnipeg: Fernwood.    

Habtom, S. and Scribe, M. 2020. PDF fileTo Breathe Together: Co-Conspirators for Decolonial Futures, external link (Policy Brief, Issue 64). Toronto: Yellowhead Institute. 

Scribe, M. 2018. Pedagogy of Indifference: State Responses to Violence Against Indigenous Girls., external link, opens in new window Canadian Woman Studies 32(1-2): 47-57.

Latty, S., M. Scribe, A. Peters and A. Morgan. 2016.  Not Enough Human: At the Scenes of Indigenous and Black Dispossession., external link, opens in new window Critical Ethnic Studies 2(2): 129-158.