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Jennifer Poole

Associate Professor
EducationMSW, PhD
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 556226

Jennifer Poole is an associate professor at Ryerson’s School of Social Work. Her research is primarily concerned with madness, ‘mental health’ and discrimination with current projects on the health effects of precarious work for racialized refugee and immigrant women, the regulation of mental health in the helping professions, the intersection of sanism and Anti-Black racism and the disenfranchising of connection and grief in heart transplantation. She loves to teach, works with graduate students at a number of different universities and is a fellow of the Centre for Critical Qualitative Research at the University of Toronto. Author of Behind the Rhetoric: Mental Health Recovery in Ontario.

  • SWP 331: Social Work Practice Theories (Undergraduate)
  • SWP 50 and 51: Advanced Practice (Undergraduate)
  • SK 8212: Critical Perspectives on Mental Health (Graduate)
  • SK 8104: MSW Research Seminar (Graduate)
  • SK 8105: MSW Field Seminar (Graduate)
  • Project: Precarious work, precarious health: The physical and mental health effects of precarious employment on immigrants and racialized women.
  • Year: 2015.
  • Role: Co-principal investigator.
  • Funding received: $7,500.
  • Funded by: CLMR Grant.


  • Project: Hybrid bodies III: Gifting life, embodiment, affect, anonymity and kinship.
  • Year: 2015.
  • Role: Collaborator.
  • Funding received: $425,000.
  • Funded by: SSHRC Insight Grant.


  • Project: When the suffering is compounded: Towards an understanding of Anti-Black Sanism and mental health discrimination.
  • Year: 2015.
  • Role: Co-principal investigator.
  • Funding received: $7,000.
  • Funded by: Across Boundaries Mental Health Centre.


  • Project: Gifting life: Exploring donor family members’ embodied responses to organ donation in Canada
  • Year: 2013.
  • Role: Co-principal investigator.
  • Funding received: $153,942.
  • Funded by: CIHR Operating Grant.


  • Project: Hybrid bodies: Identity and embodiment.
  • Year: 2010.
  • Role: Co-principal investigator.
  • Funding received: $15,000.
  • Funded by: Concordia University Vice President’s Research Award. 

Peer-reviewed publications


  • Poole, J., Ward, J., DeLuca, E., Shildrick, M., Abbey, S., Mauthner, O. and Ross, H. (2016). Grief and loss for patients before and after heart transplant. Heart and Lung.
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  • Poole, J. (2010). Progressive until graduation? Helping students hold onto critical and anti-oppressive practices. Critical Social Work, 11(2): 2-11.
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  • Ross, H., Abbey, S., McKeever, P., Shildrick, M. and Poole, J. (2010). What they say versus what we see: ‘Hidden’ distress and impaired quality of life in heart transplant recipients. Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation, 29(10):1142-1149.  


  • Poole, J. (2011). Behind the Rhetoric: Mental Health Recovery in Ontario. Winnipeg, Manitoba: Fernwood.  [ISBN: 978-1-55266-4179], 125 pages.

Book chapters:

  • Chapman, C., Poole, J., Ballen, R. and Azevedo, J. (2016). “A kind of collective freezing out:” How Helping professionals’ regulatory bodies create “incompetence” and increase distress. In B. Burstow (Ed.). Psychiatry interrogated: An institutional ethnography anthology. Pp. 63-95) New York: Parlgrave.
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Publicly-reviewed publications

Technical report:

  • Jacobson, N., Farah, D, Cheng, R., Clark, C., Dalal, M., Gabriel, J., Hassan, R., McKinnon, B., Nur, U., Poole, J., Priston, J., Rajakariar, C., Srivastava, R. (2010). Recovery through the Lens of Cultural Diversity. Toronto: CRCT, CAMH and the Wellesley Institute.