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Studio Munge

Alessandro Munge is the principal of his namesake design firm, Studio Munge.

Founded in 1997, the Toronto-based design studio specializes in creating iconic and luxurious hospitality, food and beverage, and residential spaces, for clients both in canada and around the world.


What makes the world of design a great world to work in?

Personally, I love the transformative aspect of design — changing a basic need such as shelter and protection into a fully formed emotive experience and journey. Working on a global level is a very rewarding process too, travelling really inspires me and knowing that your designs impact people’s lives around the world is very special feeling.


Tell me about your experience at Toronto Met’s School of Interior Design. How did it contribute to or shape your career path?

Toronto Met wasn’t my only option going into the program; I had been accepted to 3 other design schools, but walking the campus, it instinctually felt like home. I consciously picked Toronto Met and never regretted it... Between those walls my interest for design became a full blown love affair but beyond fueling that passion, I discovered so much about myself. I learned to build my inner strengths and manage my weaknesses, I became an independent thinker and self-sufficient adult. My limits were tested during that period of my life, helping me discover myself and the values that I would later infuse in my work.


Studio Munge has completed projects around the world, but remains headquartered in Toronto. Are your Toronto roots important to you?

Our sometimes-perceived conservative country has evolved tremendously and we now see many of our clients inclined to go out of their comfort zone. I mean, look at what Canada has produced… from the likes of Frank Ghery to Drake! Although I love travelling from east to west, discovering new cultures or walking the streets of an iconic metropolis, when flying back into YYZ, I am always happy to call the 6ix home.


Studio Munge often hires Toronto Met interns and graduates. Why is that important to you?

As a Toronto Met alumni, I have a soft spot for the program which, from experience, really does produce well-rounded designers. We usually find Toronto Met candidates showcase a great balance between technique and creativity. Mentorship is one of the most crucial components in the industry; diamonds are only as valuable as the way they are cut. We extensively invest in and nurture interns to make them the best junior designers they can be, to hopefully hire them as soon as their program is over.