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Soapbox Science Toronto 2022

September 25, 2022
12:00 PM EDT - 3:00 PM EDT
Evergreen Brickworks, 550 Bayview Ave. Toronto
Open To
public, students, community

Join us at Word on the Street's Pop-Up Event

We are excited to host Toronto's sixth Soapbox Science event this year. The annual international public outreach event celebrates women and non-binary researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). The Toronto organizers are excited to return to an in-person event this September, after holding Soapbox Science online for the past two years. This year coincides with FOS10, (opens in new window)  celebrating 10 years of discovery as the Faculty of Science at Toronto Metropolitan University.

This year's event will take place at the incredible outdoor area of Evergreen Brickworks (external link, opens in new window)  as part of Toronto's Word on the Street (external link, opens in new window)  festival. As always, the event is free and no registration is required.

In addition to Toronto, there will be events all across Canada including Hamilton, Ottawa, Quebec City, St. John’s, Vancouver and Winnipeg. Check out the Soapbox Science website (external link, opens in new window)  for more details about Canadian and International events.

Check out our amazing lineup of speakers below!

Soapbox Science Speakers

Anitha Saravana Kumar headshot
Anitha Saravana Kumar

PhD Candidate, Toronto Metropolitan University

Vehicular Networks Using Deep Learning

Anusha Ravikumar sitting on a bench
Anusha Ravikumar

PhD Candidate, Western University

Stellar Astrophysics

Talk Title: Stars with Disks: Innate or a fashion choice?

Chimira Andres headshot outdoors
Chimira Andres

PhD Candidate, York University

Planetary Geology & Geophysics

Talk Title: Is There Water on Mars?

Daphne Solis headshot
Daphene Solis

PhD Candidate, York University

Mechanical Engineering

Talk Title: Can 4D Printing Lead us to Immortality?

Dr. Erin Meger sitting on a bench
Dr. Erin Meger

Instructor, Wilfird Laurier University

Computer Science & Mathematics

Talk Title: Friends or Foes: How to spot groups in social networks

Erin Smith in a lab
Erin Smith

PhD Candidate, Ontario Tech University

Aquatic Science

Sandra Klemet-N'Guessan headshot
Sandra Klemet-N'Guessan

PhD Candidate, Trent University

Aquatic Ecology

Talk Title: Brown in your tea affects your pee: a fish and mayfly tale


Meghan Koo headshot
Meghan Koo

PhD Candidate, Toronto Metropolitan University

Machine Learning & Lung Imaging

Talk Title: Mapping Lungs Using Artificial Intelligence and X-Ray Vision!

Nita Ghosh headshot outdoors
Nita Ghosh

PhD Candidate, University of Toronto

Molecular Chemistry

Talk Title: Lights, Camera, (Diffr)action: Making a molecular movie

Dr. Pratyusha Attaluri
Dr. Pratyusha Attaluri

Post-Doctoral Fellow, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

Medical Genomics & Addiction

Talk Title: Medicine Designed For You

Reeda Mahmood headshot
Reeda Mahmood

PhD Candidate, Toronto Metropolitan University

Materials Chemistry

Dr. Roxana Suehring
Dr. Roxana Suehring

Assistant Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

Environmental Chemistry

Talk Title: Forensic files: Plastic suspects