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TMU's School of Urban and Regional Planning Alumni Association

Students listening intently to the presenter at a conference

TMU's School of Urban and Regional Planning Alumni Association (SURPA) formed in 1998.

Since then, we have hosted an annual spring reception. This premier social event attracts leaders in the development industry and allows them to market and showcase their companies’ success through sponsorship.

All funds raised are used to support the students of the School of Urban and Regional Planning.

We are continuously looking to expand our contribution to the School of Urban and Regional Planning. Contact us to get involved.

To find out what we've been up to and keep up with SURPA news, events, fundraising efforts and more, check out our SURPA Blog (external link) .

To support undergraduate and graduate students of the School of Urban and Regional Planning (SURP), provide alumni with meaningful opportunities for engagement, and promote and advance the planning profession.

Executive members


  • Alexandria Ellington
  • Kevin Nunn

Communications Coordinator:

  • Fredric Cheng

Events & Past Coordinator:

  • Ashley Paton

Sponsorship Coordinator:

  • Alexander Hardy

Student Liason Coordinator: 

  • Danielle Culp


  • Jacob Circo

Members at Large:

  • Anthony Smith
  • Chris Drew
  • Niranjan Rajevan
  • Brittany Wong
  • Cameron McCoy
  • Julia Bevacqua
  • Graeme Kennedy
  • Davin McCully
  • Amanah Rahal


  • Neil Loewen

Past Co-chair:

  • Taylor Gascoigne

PodcastTMU/SURP Alumni:

  • Stephen Van Dine

In 2001, the SURPA began providing awards to students attending the School of Urban and Regional Planning.

The SURPA has established endowments to provide two student awards annually to undergraduate and graduate students in the school. It also provides career mentorship to senior urban planning students via the Tri-Mentoring Program.

These awards recognize the academic, professional and community building achievements and contributions of students.

Your suggestions and ideas are welcome. All SURPA members can be reached via

Other reasons to contact us:

  • Inform students about potential job and event opportunities
  • Learn about our initiatives and ways to get involved
  • Provide feedback and suggestions for programming

Update your contact information with TMU’s Alumni Relations