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Raktim Mitra

Director and Associate Professor; Co-Director of TransForm Research Laboratory
EducationBURP, MURP, MPl, PhD
OfficeSBB-410, South Bond Building
Phone416-979-5000, ext. 552272
Areas of ExpertiseThe built environment-travel-health interaction; Planning for pedestrians, cyclists and micromobility users; Physical activity and wellbeing

Raktim Mitra is an Urban Planner with expertise and interests in the fields of land use-transportation planning and healthy communities planning. Mitra teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Transportation Planning, Active and Healthy Communities, and Research Methods.

Mitra is the co-director of TransForm Laboratory of Transportation and Land Use Planning, where he and his students explore the relationship between the urban built environment, travel behaviour and health outcomes. His recent areas of research include 1) The relationship between neighbourhood environment, travel behaviour and health; 2) Bicycles and micromobility; 3) Healthy movement behaviours of children and youth; and 4) Travel behaviour of young adults.

Mitra’s Current funded research projects focus on the following areas:

  • The impact of cycling facilities on travel behaviour change
  • Active transportation planning in post-COVID19 Canada
  • Travel behaviour and wellbeing of university and college students (Research link (external link, opens in new window) )
  • E-scooter policy and planning for micromobility
  • Children’s active mobility including walking/cycling and outdoor play

More details can be found on Mitra’s research website.

Current list of scholarly publications (external link, opens in new window) 

Working papers and professional reports

Teaching interests:

  • Transportation
  • Healthy communities
  • Research methods and techniques

Research interests: 

  • The built environment-travel-health interaction
  • Planning for pedestrians, cyclists and micromobility users
  • Physical activity and wellbeing