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Developing Talent

Talent needs opportunity to thrive, and Ryerson is committed to creating these opportunities through strategic partnerships and support for our students.


Mitacs is a not-for-profit organization that supports industrial and social innovation in Canada, connecting students and postdoctoral fellows to opportunities with industry and government partners.

These are just a few of this year’s recipients of support from the Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship or the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program.

William Kay, a postdoctoral fellow in mathematics, received a fellowship with professor Pawel Pralat (Mathematics) and Tesseraqt Optimization Inc. to research the use of hypergraphs to unify and integrate sparsely labelled data with other complex data sources. 

Kelvin Li, a master’s of Digital Media student, is developing his Transmedia Zone-based startup KI MADE INC. through the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program. Under the academic supervision of Louis Etienne Dubois (Creative Industries), Kelvin is exploring music industry content strategies and their impact on fan engagement.

Malvika Nagrath, a PhD student in biomedical engineering, received a fellowship with professor Mark Towler (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering) and MOLLI Surgical Inc. on the development of a biocompatible coating for an implantable magnetic marker for breast cancer. She is among the cohort in Ryerson’s MedTech Talent Accelerator, a training program that helps to fill a talent gap in Canada’s medical technology field, which is supported by NSERC’s CREATE program.

Shahrzad Soudian, a PhD student in mechanical and industrial engineering, received support from the Mitacs Accelerate Entrepreneur program to explore the use of thermochromatic paints on building facades to improve sustainability and performance. She is developing the project in association with BeTOP Inc., a Science Discovery Zone-based startup, and academic supervisor professor Bryan Koivisto (Chemistry and Biology).