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SRC Advisory Committee

Scholarly Research and Creative Activity Committee (SRAC) 2019-2021

Steven N. Liss, Vice-President Research & Innovation  

Naomi Adelson, Associate Vice-President, Research & Innovation

Asher Alkoby, Co-chair, Research Ethics Board 

Janice Waddell, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies (I) 

Donna Bell, Secretary of Senate  

Patrizia Albanese, Associate Dean, Faculty of Arts 

Ozgur Turetken, Associate Dean, Ted Rogers School of Business

Charles Davis, Associate Dean, Faculty of Communication and Design 

Jennifer Martin, Associate Dean, Faculty of Community Services 

Michael Kolios, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science  

Sri Krishnan, Associate Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science 

Dana Thomas, Associate Chief Librarian

About the Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation

The Office of the Vice-President, Research and Innovation (OVPRI) is Ryerson’s central research administration office. The OVPRI is responsible for advancing the research agenda at Ryerson and works with faculty, government and industry to help foster the creation of new knowledge and the establishment of innovative partnerships.

Jennifer MacInnis, Senior Legal Counsel and Senior Director, Applied Research and Commercialization; Interim Director, Research Grants

John MacRitchie, Senior Director, Business Development and Strategic Planning 

Vivian Chan, Chief Administrative Officer

Sylvia Kavanagh, Director, Research Communications