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Internal Awards

Every year, through our annual university-wide awards, Ryerson faculty are recognized by their peers for their SRC activities. While our award recipients may come from a wide range of disciplines, they are unified in their desire to translate ideas into action and to mobilize knowledge in ways that help to effect positive change.

University-Wide SRC Awards

The Sarwan Sahota Ryerson Distinguished Scholar Award is given annually to Ryerson faculty members to commend their seminal scholarship in their areas of expertise. The award is made available through the joint contributions of Sarwan Sahota, a retired professor, and Ryerson University. It recognizes SRC activity that may be a long term, cumulative contribution or a single, particularly insightful or seminal idea, experiment, application or interpretation. This year, two researchers were honoured.

Michael Arts (Chemistry and Biology) is a preeminent scholar with an international reputation for his innovative techniques and groundbreaking research into fatty acids in aquatic food webs. He is known for both the quality of his research and his passion for developing solutions to the impacts of climate change on fatty acids.

Xiao-Ping Zhang (Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering) is a world-class research leader in engineering and an influential entrepreneur who has helped to shape the development of multiple areas of research and industrial practices. Widely respected in engineering communities, he has nurtured and inspired a generation of young engineers and researchers.

The Collaborative SRC Award, which recognizes researchers involved in multi-disciplinary or multi-institutional projects, was given to Frank Russo (Psychology), whose research explores sound, hearing and music. He has excelled at creating and maintaining fruitful relationships with academic collaborators, as well as partners in community, not-for-profit and private sectors.  

The Early SRC Career Excellence Award, which recognizes researchers who are in the first five years of their academic careers, went to Elsayed Elbeshbishy (Civil Engineering) for his research into the conversion of waste into energy.

The Knowledge Mobilization and Engagement Award acknowledges outstanding effort in communicating research beyond the university and was awarded to Patrice Dutil (Politics and Public Administration) for his exceptional contributions in this area, including his history podcast and blogs, and work with newspapers, television and radio.

The Social Innovation and Action SRC Award recognizes research advancing innovation or action to achieve social goals. This year’s recipient was Sara Edge (Geography and Environmental Studies), who uses research to establish rapport, trust and open communication with a diverse range of social groups with historically limited power, such as recent immigrants, refugees and individuals living with poverty, mental illness or addiction.

Deans’ SRC Activity Awards

The deans of Ryerson’s six faculties are pleased to acknowledge the outstanding SRC activities of individual faculty members on an annual basis. In 2020, Deans’ SRC Awards went to 13 scholars for their tremendous contributions within their respective fields.

Faculty of Arts

Stephanie Cassin (Psychology)

Tor Oiamo (Geography and Environmental Studies)

Emily van der Meulen (Criminology)

Faculty of Communication and Design

Natalie Alvarez (Performance)

Brett Story (Image Arts)

Faculty of Community Services

Anne Harris (Occupational and Public Health)

Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science

Alagan Anpalagan (Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering)

Farhad Ein-Mozaffari (Chemical Engineering)

Faculty of Science

Konstantinos Georgiou (Mathematics)

Janet Koprivnikar (Chemistry and Biology)

Ali Miri (Computer Science)

Ted Rogers School of Management

Fei Song (Business Management)

Lu Zhang (Accounting and Finance)