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$47.5M In research funding

253 Research funding partners

37.7% Increase in citations

58 Invention disclosures

Executive Summary

Every year, Ryerson University’s Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation is pleased to highlight the hard work and numerous successes of our diverse community across a wide range of scholarly, research and creative activities.

Expanding Scholarly, Research & Creative (SRC) Activity

In 2016-17, Ryerson University’s overall external research funding reached $47.5 million. Our success is due to faculty and student research that is relevant and connected to today’s challenges. Ryerson recognizes SRC success not only through funding dollars but also by the impact of our interdisciplinary research locally, nationally and internationally.

Innovation & Impact

Through its world-class innovation zones, first-rate interdisciplinary research centres and institutes, and thought-leading faculty expertise, Ryerson is activating a start-up ecosystem that attracts collaborations and partnerships with industry, government and non-profits.

Next Generation

Experiential learning and real-world experience are key to Ryerson’s innovative approach to education that seeks to build capacity for students to acquire the skills and readiness they will need for future pursuits in research, entrepreneurship or employment.