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Course Offerings

MENA Courses at Ryerson
MENA Studies Courses at TMU


ACS 220     Ideas that Shape the World: Middle Ages

ARB 101      Introductory Arabic I
ARB 201      Introductory Arabic II
ARB 300     Principles in Arabic writing
ARB 301      Intermediate Arabic I
ARB 401      Intermediate Arabic II
ARB 402      Arabic Conversation and Pronunciation
ARB 501      Advanced Arabic I   
ARB 601      Advanced Arabic II

ENG 623     Film/Literature: Middle East, North Africa

FRS 606      Franco Literature: Middle East, North Africa

GEO 522     Geography of the Middle East

GMS 695    The Middle Eastern Business Environment

HIS 461       Cradle of Civilization: Ancient Near East
HIS 462      Introduction to the Islamic World
HIS 559      Ancient Egypt
HIS 561      The Ottoman Empire
HIS 957      Senior Seminar V: Middle East
HST 506    The Ancient Egyptian World
HST 522    The Middle East: 1908 to the Present
HST 777     Medicine from Antiquity to 1500 CE
HST 786     Science and Technology in Islamic History
HST 788     Water Use in History

PHL 622     Classical Arabic Philosophy
PHL 639     Medieval Philosophy

REL 215      Introduction to Judaism
REL 225     Introduction to Islam

SOC 885    Women and Islam