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Dr. Wey Leong

Wey Leong
BEng, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 557706

Areas of Academic Interest

Thermal properties of soils

Modelling and simulation of thermal systems

Ground thermal energy storage and heat pump systems

Organic Rankine cycles


Year University Degree
1996 University of Waterloo PhD
1989 Technical University of Nova Scotia BEng

Selected Courses

Course Code Course
MEC 309 Basic Thermodynamics
MEC 701 Heat Transfer
MEC 740 Environmental Control in Buildings


Did you know that a promising, renewable energy storage technique is right under your feet? Wey Leong is developing it. A mechanical engineer with expertise in high-temperature ground thermal storage, he is using computer modelling to develop methods for storing heat energy deep in the ground.

Here’s the premise: In the summer, heat energy from a solar collector is transferred into water that is then pumped down pipes fitted into vertical boreholes drilled in the ground. The heat in the water then transfers into the surrounding earth. Depending on the soil type (moist clay is the best for holding thermal energy), the heat can be retained for months. Then, in the depths of winter, the process can be reversed to bring the heat back to the surface for space heating in homes and buildings. “Aside from minimal electricity to power a pump, the system will be entirely renewable,” says Leong.

Leong and his team are currently getting their hands dirty testing the thermal properties of soil samples from all over Canada. “We want a template for assessing any geographic area based on its potential to store heat underground.”

Wey Leong

“Sometimes, the most innovative ideas can be found in the most common of places.”

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  • Thermofluids Research Laboratory