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Highlighting student projects from Winter 2023

By: Dania Ali
May 22, 2023

As the school year comes to a close, we asked professors to nominate the best student work produced in their classes, ranging from podcasts to features to broadcast stories. 

Take a look at some of the best student work from this past semester and get some insight into why students chose these stories to cover:

Radio and Podcasting Workshop:

The Making of Frida in the Sky,

By third-year students, Mana Hosseini and Anna Maria Moubayed

Dani Sadun is the creator and director of the animated film, Frida in the Sky. She is pictured with an animation of Frida.

“There are always stories all around us! Even Dani, being a student, and yet creating something has a lot of meaning behind it. A lot of work goes behind projects like this,” says Anna Maria Moubayed.

Mana Hosseini says, “Throughout the process, we found this very beautiful and touching angle that became the focus of the story: her grandmother and her presence. This animated film is a legacy of her grandmother and it's dedicated to her … it was very beautiful [to work on].”


Mental Health & My Muslim Household,

By third-year students, Josh Chang and Bashair Ali

“What pushed me to produce the story was how much I related to it. I'm Muslim and I have mental health issues, and it was really hard for me to come face to face with acknowledging them … that's why I created this podcast - to allow others to relate to me and to gain more knowledge about mental health and about Islam,” says Bashair Ali.

“Despite the many obstacles and problems I encountered, I felt pushed to write this story because I wanted to recognize the importance of working outside of one's comfort zone as a journalist,” says Josh Chang, “I want our Muslim listeners to walk away knowing that they aren't alone. The main thing I want them to feel is reassurance.”


On The Record:

Here’s How This TMU Student Is Creating a Safe Space for South Asian Women

By fourth-year student, Aru Kaul

South Asian Yard Founder Ria Arora stands in front of a South Asian-inspired mural at Agincourt Mall in Scarborough (Courtesy of Ria Arora)

South Asian Yard Founder Ria Arora stands in front of a South Asian-inspired mural at Agincourt Mall in Scarborough (Photo courtesy of Ria Arora).

“[The founder] started this as part of her capstone project in her fourth-year, and look at where it is now - it was really important to show that journey from then and now. It was also important to show that,” says Aru Kaul, “[this organization] is not just for South Asians … but it's also for people with intersecting identities.”

Read: (external link) 

A Conversation with Daniel Roher

By fourth-year student, Trevor Carter

Daniel Roher and Yulia Navalnaya, wife of Alexei Navalny, embrace on stage after winning the Oscar for best documentary at the 95th Academy Awards on March 12, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Daniel Roher/Instagram)

Daniel Roher and Yulia Navalnaya, wife of Alexei Navalny, embrace on stage after winning the Oscar for best documentary at the 95th Academy Awards on March 12, 2023 (Photo courtesy of Daniel Roher/Instagram).


“The most surprising thing that I learned is that people will get back to you. You could reach out to the head coach of the local rec soccer team and they might not respond,” says Trevor Carter, “But if you reach out to someone who's won an Oscar, they just might … so might as well try.”

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New TikTok Trends

By fourth-year student, Samira Balsara

Screengrab of Samira Balsara reporting on broadcast video courtesy of On The Record.

“I came up with the idea because I wanted to create a story that was relatable to our audience— students at TMU. Because TikTok is so prevalent in our generation I thought it would be a right fit to highlight trending topics that students at TMU are following on TikTok,” says Samira Balsara.

Watch (start at 9:23): (external link) 

The Sunshine List and TMU Salaries

By fourth-year student, Cassie Argao

Screengrab of Cassie Argao reporting outside the Student Centre on TMU campus from On The Record.

“I wanted to build on the print story I had already worked on about the Sunshine List … Sitting down to edit it was funny, and I liked that my personality was able to shine through in a news sitting,” says Cassie Argao.

Watch (start at 4:53): (external link) 

Reporting for TV Workshop:

Not Enough Representation: The Fashion Industry Needs Some Tailoring

By students, Danielle Reid, Lauren Battagello, Apurva Bhat and Nathan Bharatt

Dresses and suits in a window. Photo courtesy of Lauren Battagello.

Third-year student and reporter, Apurva Bhat says, “Our main idea was to shed light on the lack of representation we see in the media when it comes to plus-size people and how there are so many intersectionalities within the space.”

“Most people are well aware of the lack of plus-sized representation and the affect that has on young girls and women, but may turn a blind eye to the unique affects it can have on men or people of different races,” says student and producer, Danielle Reid.

“I hope that this piece inspires people to be more critical of the way they shop … In that same

vein, I also hope it motivates aspiring designers to push the limits of beauty standards,” says Lauren Battagello, student and audio/visual editor and equipment operator.

This feature is yet to be published.

TTC and Safety

By students, Rasmus Emil Bertelsen and Jaylanae Ashman

The inside of a TCC subway car.

“The most interesting part of this story was how easy it was getting an interview with somebody who is an official source of information - a TTC spokesperson … I'm only in my second year and we did this story in basically a day and a half from scratch …” Rasmus Emil Bertelsen says, “[This taught me that] having the right story, workflow or working partner [is important].”

This feature is yet to be published.