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Submit a Confidential Report Online

You may report acts of financial misconduct by completing the Safe Disclosure Reporting Form. The online form does not require that you include any identifying details but gives you the option to identify yourself.

Your disclosure will be read by the Chief Internal Auditor of Toronto Metropolitan University, and will remain strictly confidential and disclosed only to those individuals required to know.

Safe Disclosure Reporting Form

Report details

If you choose to remain anonymous, please take care not to provide details in your submission that would reveal your identity.

Please identify the TMU employee(s) whose actions you are reporting. Include name(s), title(s), and department(s) if known.
If you are aware of the involvement of persons or organizations outside of TMU in the matter you are reporting, please provide any details that you may have, including the names of any such persons or organizations that you suspect may be involved.
Please describe the actions you would like to report, including as much detail as possible to assist us in evaluating and resolving this situation.
Please provide the approximate date(s) of the actions you are reporting, including how long you think the actions or events have been occurring.
If applicable, please identify any person(s) you believe may have additional information relating to the actions you are reporting.
If you have in your possession any documents, emails, etc. that support your concerns, please upload them here. Please do NOT attempt to conduct any investigation or attempt to obtain additional documents.

Contact information (optional)

You have the option to skip this section and go directly to the submit button.