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Island Tourism

About the Project

Islands have clear borders and a coastline that encloses them within a body of water. These sharp boundaries make them easy to conceptualize, which makes humans feel secure and at home. Many people travel to indulge in the “island experience” and many island communities have been looking at this type of tourism as a major economic alternative to traditional livelihoods such as fishing and agriculture. There are many issues however when only focusing on tourism as a base for economic growth. Many islands that focus mainly on tourism as their only means of economic gain run the risk of not being diversified. If there are major natural or man made disasters affecting tourism, a massive economic downturn can result. focus can lead to over-tourism and a disruption to an islands carrying capacity.

About the Researcher

Dr. Sonya Graci is the Director of Ted Rogers Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Research and Associate Professor of Ryerson Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management.