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Feasibility of Local Food Use in Toronto’s Food Truck Industry

About the Project

The food truck industry is relatively new but is continually growing both in Toronto and beyond. As interest in local and organic food sourcing practices increase, it is important to identify the extent to which the use of local and organic is used within this new sector.

The researchers conducted semi structured interviews with 33 Ontario based food trucks. The study was conducted between September to November 2016. Participants were asked a number of questions about their use and procurement of local and organic foods, their current market and to what degree their operations were impacted from the use of local and/or organic food.

About the Researcher

George Deen, Aman Lubana, Jessica Munson and Sarah Quigley are fourth year students at the Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management. This project was done under the supervision of Dr. Rachel Dodds for the final year Data and Research Analysis course.