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Important Dates

Application Dates and Deadlines

  • February 6, 2023 - Residence application process opens. In order to apply for residence, you must apply through the residence application portal (external link, opens in new window)  and pay the $50 residence application fee into your MyServiceHub.­
  • June 6, 2023 - APPLICATION INITIAL DEADLINE: last day to submit your residence application and application fee of $50 in order to be considered in first round of Offers of Accommodations. Applications are still accepted after this date but will be placed at the bottom of the priority list.

Offer/Waitlist Dates and Deadlines (subject to change)

  • June 23, 2023 - First round of Offers of Accommodation & Waiting List Offers emailed.
  • July 6, 2023 - Last day to accept offer and make payment for first installment of residence fees for first round of offers

Check-in/Check-out Dates and Deadlines

  • August 27, 2023 - Move-in Day
  • December 2023 (exact date TBD) - DCC, ILC, PIT close for the Mid-year break at 12 noon (there is an application to stay in ILC over the Mid-year break)
  • January 2024 (exact date TBD) - DCC, ILC, PIT open after the Mid-year break at 12 noon
  • April 27, 2024 - 2023-2024  8 month residence agreement term ends at 12 noon (DCC, ILC, PIT)

Fees Dates and Deadlines

  • June 6, 2023 - Application fee of $50 is required for application to be processed.
  • July 6, 2023 - First installment of residence fees due for first round Offer of Accommodation. If you receive an offer after this date, your first installment is due by your offer expiry date.
  • October 18, 2023 - Second installment of residence fees due.
  • January 18, 2024 - Third installment of residence fees due.
  • February 29, 2024 - Fourth installment of residence fees due.

*For more information on residence fees, please see our Fees section.

*For information on how to pay your fees, refer to the How to Pay Your Fees page.