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Moving Out

You are required to leave residence 24 hours after your last exam, or by 12 noon on April 27, 2024 whichever comes first.

Pitman Hall building exterior from Church St.

Extended Stay Request- Past April 27, 2024

Unfortunately extensions will not be permitted unless already approved by the Housing and Residence Life Office.

A thorough room inspection will be completed after you have moved out.  If you would like the room inspection to be completed while you are present you can make an appointment with Housing & Residence Life for the day of your move out.  Please book your appointment before April 1, 2024.

Lock Your Room

Please ensure that your door is closed and locked when you leave, as you are responsible for the room until we have completed your room inspection.  You are NOT permitted to allow anyone to stay in your room after you move-out.

Garbage Removal

Your room must be returned to the condition it was in when you arrived.  All belongings should be removed - garbage and recycling must be properly disposed of and must NOT be left in your room. If extra cleaning or garbage removal is required, you may be issued an extra fee for cleaning.

During the move-out period, there is increased demand on the garbage systems in all 3 buildings.  Your cooperation in ensuring the buildings remain clean throughout the exam and move-out period is appreciated.  All garbage and recycling must be bagged and disposed of in accordance with the directions posted.  Further information on garbage and recycling will be emailed and posted on your floor in the coming weeks. 


If you rearranged your furniture please return all items to their proper position, and ensure there are no extra furniture items in your room or in the common areas of your suite.  There is a fine for each extra and/or missing piece of furniture in your room.

Damage/Excess Cleaning

You are responsible for the condition of your room.  If your room is not left in a satisfactory condition you may be issued damage, cleaning or replacement charges.  If charges are necessary, you will be informed by email in May, along with more details regarding the condition of your room.

Be sure to hand in your ResID and your mailbox key (if you received one) to the front desk of your residence building upon your departure.

It is important that your MyServiceHub Account is paid in full by the end of April. This includes tuition fees, residence fees, and any miscellaneous charges. Any student with an outstanding balance will have an academic hold placed on their record which prevents viewing of final grades and could block future course registration.

Any mail that is received after you move out and after April 27, 2024 will be Returned To Sender. Please inform your friends, relatives, schools, bank, credit card companies, etc. of your new summer address as soon as possible.