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Amenities & Services

At the beginning of the school year $50 is automatically loaded onto your OneCard and can be used only for laundry expenses.

Laundry Locations:

Pitman - Every floor

ILC - Every floor

DCC - 8th floor

Laundry Costs:

Washer: $2.00
Dryer: $1.50

No more laundry money?

You can easily add more money to your OneCard's laundry account at residence PHIL Machines 24/7 located in the Pitman and ILC lobbies. The machine takes $5, $10, and $20 bills.

You can also add money through eAccounts (external link, opens in new window)  - an online portal that lets you review your OneCard account balances, transaction history, add funds, and freeze your TMU OneCard if it is misplaced.

ILC & Pitman Hall

If you live in the ILC or Pitman Hall you will have a mailbox assigned to you for the length of your stay in residence. When having mail sent to you please ask that your mailbox number be included in your address.

Mail that does not have a mailbox number on it and mail that is too large to fit into your mailbox will be dropped off at the residence services desk of your building. The Residence Services Desk Agent will log your package and leave you a message to come and pick it up. When picking up a package please provide your residence I.D. card and sign to acknowledge you have picked up the package.

Please note that C.O.D. (Cash on Delivery) packages cannot be accepted at the desk unless you are there to pay for it yourself. If you are not available the package will be returned to sender.

Sending Mail or Packages

There is a mail drop box located on campus at the corner of Church St. and Gould St. To send larger pieces of mail or packages there is a post office located in the Atrium on Bay, at the corner of Yonge St. and Dundas St.


Mail after Move-Out

Any mail that is received after you move out and after the end of April will be Returned To Sender. Please inform your friends, relatives, schools, bank, credit card companies, etc. of your new summer address as soon as possible.

Residence Adresses
ILC Pitman Hall DCC
240 Jarvis St.
Toronto, ON
M5B 2L1
160 Mutual St.
Toronto, ON
M5B 2M2
288 Church St., 8th floor
Toronto, ON
M5B 1Z5


It is your responsibility to empty the garbage container in your room. A garbage chute is located on each floor of Pitman Hall, next to the elevators beside your RA’s apartment. Items larger then a full grocery bag will not fit in the garbage chute and should be placed by the containers in your main floor lounge. DO NOT JAM THE CHUTE.

At the ILC, please bag your garbage and take it to the floor lounge for the ILC.


Recycling containers are located in the main lounge on each floor of the ILC and Pitman Hall. Please use these containers to properly dispose of cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, and other recyclable material. Students living in suites in Pitman Hall are also expected to bring recyclable material from their suites to these locations for pick-up.

ILLC / Pitman / DCC

Your OneCard functions as your door keycard. If you lose or break that card you must replace it with the OneCard office. In the meantime you can get a temporary card from the residence services desk, or the Housing & Residence Life Office. Once you have your new OneCard return the temporary card back to the residence services desk, so your lock information can be transferred to your new OneCard.

If you lose or break your mailbox key or residence ID card, please complete the Mailbox key/Residence ID replacement request form and visit the Housing Office once you receive confirmation from the office to pick up the replacement key.

The common rooms are open to all residents during their stay. These are shared lounge spaces which can facilitate floor and community activities, with some including TVs, kitchens, or laundry facilities. There is at least one lounge or common room on each floor in Pitman Hall and the ILC. Every two floors in DCC share a lounge, and an additional larger common space on the 8th floor for use by the entire residence building.