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Recommendations for Departments Using Google Workspace

If you do not have a Google Drive ownership account to manage folders for your department, request one from CCS.
CCS will create a department folder for your department. Please review the possible configuration options (opens in new window)  for your folder(s) and discuss with CCS to set this up. (Note: we can also help with an existing folder if your department is already using one.)
Request a Google Group to control sharing access to the departmental folders (this is especially helpful when managing multiple folders with large groups).
Share department folder(s) with your team or department using the Google Group, or directly with individuals, and be sure to instruct everyone to add this folder to their My Drive so it’s easy to find and use.
Install and use the plug-in for Microsoft Office (Windows only) to continue working with Microsoft office files.
All staff should attend the Introduction to Google Drive and Google Docs training session offered monthly through the TMU Learning Events Calendar to ensure a basic understanding of how to use Google Drive, collaboration with Google Docs, an understanding of the privacy and sharing settings, and best practices.