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Team Drives is being renamed to shared drives

By: Computing and Communications Services (CCS)
May 31, 2019

Team Drives feature in Google Drive will be renamed to "shared drives". The name change will rollout on different dates depending on how you are accessing Google Drive:

  • On the web (, users will begin to see the name change on June 3rd.
  • On Android devices, users will begin to see the name change on May 28th.
  • On iOS devices, users will begin to to see the name changes on May 21st.
  • On Drive File Stream, the rename will be visible in the navigation when you update to version 31 release available May 31st.

This name change will not impact any of the files stored in your team drives and any links you may have made using the URL of the file in a team drive. If you rely on file paths from your Drive File Stream to desktop applications, you will need to update your file paths by replacing "Team Drives" with "Shared drives". ie. G:\Team Drives\Dept Photos\02867968_n.png to G:\Shared drives\Dept Photos\02867968_n.png

For more information on the name change, please see the G Suite Updates Blog. (external link, opens in new window) 
For help on shared drives, please see our Ryerson help page (opens in new window)  or the G Suite Learning Center. (external link, opens in new window)