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New: Unlimited Google Drive and Gmail Storage at Ryerson

October 30, 2014

Google Apps at Ryerson used to have a 30GB storage limit for your Google Drive files and Gmail messages. On October 30, Google removed that storage limit.  Now there is no limit to the total amount of file and email message space you can use. The only restriction on files is that they cannot be larger than 5TB in size (5,000 gigabytes).

Some Words of Caution

Having unlimited storage does not mean being able to access very large files at unlimited speeds.  While you will be able to store files up to 5TB in size on Google Drive, working with files will not be as fast as working with them on your computer's hard drive. When you store or access files on Google Drive, your files have to travel to or from Google over Ryerson's connection to the Internet. Ryerson's connection to the Internet is used by thousands of people at Ryerson and Computing and Communications Services (CCS) manages the network in ways that ensure someone transferring very large files will not slow down network performance for other people. So please do not always expect to experience lightning fast speeds for very large Drive files.

By default, documents and files in Drive are "private" which means that uploaded documents are accessible only to you unless you have changed your sharing settings or choose to invite others to view, comment, or edit documents. Google Drive lets you choose how you share documents. You have a range of options from sharing with specific individuals with a Ryerson Google Apps account to anyone on the Internet.

Regardless of how you share files, please be cautious about sharing personal information or other kinds of sensitive information.  Check to ensure you are following Ryerson's privacy policy and procedures and security policy by limiting sharing to those who need the information in the performance of their duties, or with a legally-authorized purpose.  Before sharing files that contain sensitive information document access control procedures including the employment roles that you are sharing the file with, whether they can read only or also edit or comment on the document, and that you include a retention period at the end of which the file will be removed or deleted from Google Drive.  Ryerson has a Records Retention Schedule that provides guidance on the retention period for University Records.

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