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Headshot of Fiona Yeudall

Fiona Yeudall PhD, RD

Associate Director, Centre for Studies in Food Security
DepartmentDirector, School of Nutrition, Toronto Metropolitan University

Fiona Yeudall, PhD RD, is the Director of the School of Nutrition and Associate Director of the Centre for Studies in Food Security at Toronto Metropolitan University.  Her research focuses on the role of sustainable livelihoods & food systems in food & nutrition security. Most recently, she is collaborating on a food systems approach to increasing availability of and access to a locally produced fortified complementary food in Northern Vietnam. Past work focused on the role of urban agriculture in food & livelihood security in Canada, Kenya and Uganda and training to build capacity among municipal actors for Sustainable City Region Food Systems policies and practices in Canada and Kenya. Her doctoral work at the University of Otago was conducted in rural Malawi, assessing the impact of food-based household-level level dietary diversification strategies on the food and nutrition security of preschool children of subsistence farmers. A member of Dietitians of Canada‚Äôs Sustainable Food Systems Leadership Team, Fiona has also supported the work of Food Secure Canada and the Canadian Association for Food Studies as part of her service work. A Registered Dietitian since 1992, prior to graduate studies, she worked as a community-based dietitian. 

Select Publications

Slater J & Yeudall F. (2015). Sustainable Livelihoods for Food and Nutrition Security in Canada: A Conceptual Framework for Public Health Research, Policy, and Practice. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition 10(1): 1-21.

Walton C, VanLeeuwen J, Yeudall F, Taylor J. (2012) Association between duration of community-based group membership and sustainable livelihoods for Kenyan women dairy farmers. Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems and Community Development. 3(1):43-60.

Karanja N, Yeudall F, Mbugua S, Njenga M, Prain G, Cole DC, Webb AL, Levy JM, Gore C, Sellen D (2010).  Strengthening capacity for sustainable livelihoods and food security through urban agriculture among HIV and AIDS affected households in Nakuru, Kenya Int J Agric Sustain, 8(1&2):40-53.

Yeudall F, Sebastian R, Cole DC, Ibrahim S, Lubowa A, Kikafunda J (2007).  Food and nutritional security of children of urban farmers in Kampala, Uganda.  Food Nutr Bull, Vol 28 no 2  (supplement): S237-S246

Wakefield S, Yeudall F, Taron C, Reynolds J, Skinner A (2007).  Growing urban health: Community gardening in South-East Toronto.  Health Promotion International, 22 (2): 92-101

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