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Andrea Moraes PhD

Certificate Instructor and Associate Researcher
DepartmentContract Lecturer, School of Nutrition, Ryerson University

Instructor for: CFNY 409 Gender and Food Security (opens in new window) 

Andrea Moraes have been teaching the 'Gender and Food Security' online course from the Food Security Certificate since 2007. She also teaches at Ryerson School of Nutrition courses related to social and cultural aspects of food, Canadian food history and food systems, policies and practices.

Andrea holds a Ph.D. in Rural Sociology from the University of Missouri-Columbia, on women and water security. She also completed the University Teaching Development Program at Ryerson in 2012.

Currently, she is the Gender coordinator for the IDRC Vietnam Ecosun project, and co-principal for the Food Security Game project, funded by e-Campus Ontario. Previously, Andrea worked as coordinator for the Sister Watersheds project (Capacity Building for Water Management in Sao Paulo, Brazil) at York University's Faculty of Environmental Studies.

Select Publications

Moraes, A and Rocha, C. 2017. Participation of Women Farmers in Food Procurement Programs in Brazil. In Fletcher, A. and Kubik, W., eds., Women in Agriculture Worldwide: Key Issues and Practical Approaches. Routledge, New York.

Moraes, A. 2015. Advances and Setbacks on Women’s Participation in Water Management in Brazil. In: A Feminist Political Ecology of Water and Global Environmental Change. Co-edited by Stephanie Buechler & Anne-Marie Hanson, Routledge/Earthscan.

Moraes, A. & Rocha, C. 2013. Gendered waters: the participation of women in the “One Million Cisterns” rainwater harvesting program in the Brazilian Semi-Arid region. Journal of Cleaner Production: Special issue on water, women, waste, wisdom, and wealth. Vol. 60, 163-169.

Moraes, A. & Perkins, E. 2010. Etica, Genero e Classe Social na Politíca Participativa de Agua. In Gislene Aparecida dos Santos & Flavia Sarti (Eds.), Etica, Pesquisa e Políticas Publicas. São Paulo: Editora Rubio.

Moraes, A. & Perkins, E. 2009. “Deliberative Water Management”. In A. Salleh (Ed.), Eco-sufficiency & Global Justice: Women Write Political Ecology. London/New York: Pluto Press.

Updated January 2018