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Melody Mendonça BASc, MHSc

Associate Researcher
DepartmentProject Coordinator, School of Nutrition, Ryerson University

Melody Mendonça is the project coordinator on the Canadian side of the collaborative food systems scale-up project between the National Institute of Nutrition in Vietnam and Ryerson University. Her main responsibilities include managing the communications and dissemination strategy, supporting the research team, and carrying out administrative functions.

Melody is a graduate of the MHSc program in Nutrition Communication from Ryerson’s School of Nutrition. Her Major Research Project focused on policies in Brazil that improve food security and support small-scale farmers.

Melody has been working in food security and community nutrition at municipal, provincial, national and international levels since 2007. Her main interest is tackling food insecurity through comprehensive public policies that support small-scale farmers and other vulnerable populations.

Select Publications

Melody Mendonça and Cecilia Rocha. (2016). Influencing Food Security Through Mediating Public Policies: How It Works in Brazil. In Ardene Robinson Vollman, Elizabeth T. Anderson, & Judith McFarlane (Eds.), Canadian Community as Partner: Theory & Multidisciplinary Practice (4th ed., pp.432-440). Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer.

Melody Mendonça and Cecilia Rocha. (2015). Implementing National Food Policies to Promote Local Family Agriculture: Belo Horizonte’s Story. Development in Practice. 25:2, pp.160-173.

Updated January 2018