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Diana Lee-Smith PhD

Associate Researcher
DepartmentAssociate, Mazingira Institute, Nairobi

Dr Diana Lee-Smith was African Coordinator for Urban Harvest in the CGIAR 2002-2005 and has co-edited two books and written several articles on urban agriculture. She is based at Mazingira Institute, Nairobi, which hosts the Nairobi and Environs Food Security, Agriculture and Livestock Forum (NEFSALF). In 2016 she was engaged in inter-sectoral training on food systems and agriculture for staff of Nairobi City County.

Invited to be part of the Toronto Food Strategy Steering Group, she participated in the elaboration of the 2011 Toronto Food Strategy under the leadership of the city's Medical Officer of Health.

Select Publications

Lee-Smith, D. (2016) Kenyan Youth Getting Involved in Agriculture, in Youth Unemployment in Kenya: A Ticking Time Bomb. Eds, Helmut Danner, Monica Kerrets-Makau, Johannes Michael Nebe, Nairobi, Longhorn

Lee-Smith, D., Prain, G., Cofie, O., van Veenhuizen, R., Karanja, N. (forthcoming). Urban and Peri-Urban Farming Systems (UPUFS): feeding cities and enhancing resilience, in Farming Systems and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa: Priorities for Science and Policy under Global Change. Eds. John Dixon, Dennis Garrity, Jean-Marc Boffa, Tim Williams and Tilahun Amede, London, Earthscan

Lee-Smith, D. and Lamba, D. (2015). Nutrition and urban agriculture in sub-Saharan African cities, in Right to Food and Nutrition Watch, Issue 07 2015

Lee-Smith, D. and Lamba, D, (2015). Implementing the Right to Food Enshrined in Kenya’s Constitution, Star Newspaper, Nairobi, December

Lee-Smith, D. (2014). Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture Dynamics, in Digging Deeper:Inside Africa's Agro-, Food and Nutrition Dynamics - Mapping out the evidence Eds: Akinyinka Akinyoade, Wijnand Klaver, Sebastiaan Soeters & Dick Foeken. Brill: Leiden & Boston

Updated January 2018