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Headshot of Mark Gorgolewski

Mark Gorgolewski DipArch, PhD, ARB (UK), LEED AP (BD&C)

Associate Researcher
DepartmentProfessor, Department of Architectural Science, Ryerson University

Dr Mark Gorgolewski is a Professor in the Department of Architectural Science at Ryerson University in Toronto. He has worked for many years as an architect, researcher and sustainable building consultant in Canada and the UK. He has been a director of the Canada Green Building Council and chair of the Association for Environment Conscious Building and is a LEED Accredited Professional. Mark has written many papers and books on the subject of sustainable built environments. Currently areas of research include building performance, reuse of components and materials in buildings, and design for urban agriculture. He was co-curator of the exhibition “Carrot City: Designing for Urban Agriculture,” which has travelled around the world, and is co-author of a Carrot City book and web site. Mark has participated in various sustainable building projects, including a winning design for the CMHC Equilibrium (net zero energy) Housing Competition and is also co-recipient of the 2007-2008 ACSA/AIA Housing Design Education Award, and recipient of the 2012 H.A. Krentz Research Award from the CISC and the CMHC 2013 Excellence in Education Award.

Select Publications

Gorgolewski, M.T. & Straka, V., (2016 – forthcoming) Integrating rooftop agriculture into urban infrastructure, in Rooftop Agriculture, edited Orsini, F., Dubbeling, M., & Gianquinto, G.

Gorgolewski, M.T., Komisar, J.& Nasr, J., (2016) Resilient City = Carrot City: Urban Agriculture Theories and Designs, in Integrated Urban Agriculture Precedents, Practices, Prospects. Edited by Robert L. France, Karen Landman, Luc Mougeot, Libri Publishing

Brown, C., Gorgolewski, M.T., (2015) Using physical, behavioural, and demographic variables to explain suite-level energy use in multi-residential buildings, Building and Environment, Vol. 89, pp 308-317.

Ergun, D, & Gorgolewski, M.T., (2015). Inventorying Toronto's Single Detached Housing Stocks to Examine the Availability Of Clay Brick For Urban Mining. Waste Management, Vol 45., pp180-185

Gorgolewski, M.T., Komisar, J. & Nasr, J, C, (2011) Carrot City: Creating Places for Urban Agriculture, Monacelli Press, NY.

Updated January 2018