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Headshot of Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown MSc

Associate Researcher
DepartmentResearch Fellow, Ryerson University

Growing up in the wilds Canadian west coast, Matthew Brown developed a love for research, multi-cultural diversity and cross-disciplinary thinking. This led him to study microbiology and minor in nutrition with a vision to work in a developing country. Fast forward a couple years, he finished a Master of Nutrition from U.B.C, where he worked on producing a Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic-Food with the National Institute of Nutrition of Vietnam.

He is currently working with Ryerson on a grant from Global Affairs Canada. The project is focusing on the transfer of technology to thereby open three small scale food processing facilities in the northern mountainous region of Vietnam. These facilities purchase local produce from small homestead women farmers and then adds micronutrients to make fortified complimentary for children. The goal is to increase the household food security by creating a stable market to sell local produce and to produce fortified complimentary food to help alleviate stunting and malnourished among the children of Vietnam. 

Select Publications

Brown, M. et al. (2015). Acceptability of Two Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods by HIV-Positive Patients in Vietnam. Food Nutr Bull. vol. 36 no. 2 102-110. 

Brown, M. (2013). Underweight status, household food security and associated characteristics among women >18y in Binh Phuoc Province, Vietnam. UBC Press. 

Wieringa, F.T., Trần N.T., Hoang M.A., Brown M., Maalouf-Manasseh Z., Lưu T., Nguyễn Minh, Hợp Le, Berger J. (2013). Acceptability of Two Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Foods among HIV-Positive Patients in Vietnam. Washington, DC: FHI 360.

Vu T.T., Nguyen T.L., Nguyen C.K., Nguyen T.D., Skeaff C.M., Venn B.J., Walmsley T., George P.M., McLean J., Brown M., Green T.J. (2009). Folate and vitamin B12 status of women of reproductive age living in Hanoi City and Hai Duong Province of Vietnam." Public Health Nutrition. Jul;12(7):941-6. 

Updated January 2018