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Systems Self-Service Tutorials

Our self-service tutorials provide self-paced online learning for common tasks and functions in the Financial Information System (FIS or Oracle) and the Invoice Approval System (MarkView).

Tutorial topics

Tutorial topics are broken down as follows:

  • Creating Requisitions
  • Change and Cancel Requisition
  • Approving Requisitions
  • Create Expense Statements
  • Change Expense Statements
  • View Receipt and Notifications
  • Report Status Meaning
  • Approving Expense Reports
  • Funds Available Inquiry Screen
  • Account Inquiry Screen
  • Reporting
  • NON-PO Invoice Approval
  • Route to Approver
  • PO Invoice Approval
  • Route to Accounts Payable
  • Send for Comment Request
  • Reply to Comment Request

Different modes to suit your style

Systems self-service tutorials are available in four different modes so you can choose the approach that best suits your learning style:

  1. See it. View a specific task in a video-like environment.
  2. Try it. Interact with the systems to try to complete a task yourself. If you get stuck, the system will show you how to resolve the issue.
  3. Know it. Test how well you know the process before completing the “real” task in the systems. Only you will know your score.
  4. Do it. Ready to complete a task in the systems? This mode provides a pop-up window that provides a step-by-step breakdown of that task.

Accessing systems self-service tutorials

  1. Click on the Launch Systems Self-Service Tutorials button at the top right of this page.
  2. Click on the + symbol to expand the system or system application.
  3. Click on the + symbol to expand the system or system application topics.
  4. Select the task or action to access the see it, try it, know it and do it modes.


If you have any questions, please contact the FIS Help Desk.