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Chargebacks are used by departments to bill for goods and services provided to other departments at the university. For example, if a department purchases supplies from the Toronto Metropolitan University Bookstore, the bookstore then charges the department for the supplies purchased.

Chargebacks are completed in the Financial Information System (FIS or Oracle) by sending a request to your financial advisor who will enter the chargeback on your behalf.

Creating chargeback processes for your department

Before creating a new chargeback process for your department, you must gain approval from the Macro Planning Committee. To be approved, your chargeback process must meet the following criteria:


It must be clear what the charges are for, how they were calculated and where the posted rates can be found. Details must be fully documented and available on the TMU website.

Fair and consistent pricing

All clients must be charged on the same basis, including consistency in estimating, accumulating and reporting costs, and there must be consistency in allocating costs for the same purpose.


Chargebacks must be submitted to your financial advisor for processing within 30 days following the month in which the service is completed.


Financial, statistical and other records are the responsibility of the department issuing the chargebacks. Complete information can be found in the Chargeback Policy.