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Re-Calibrate: What's Next on your Fashion Journey?

November 17, 2021
6:00 PM EST - 8:30 PM EST
Online on Zoom
Open To
Students, general public

Curious about the next steps after you graduate?

The School of Fashion x Fashion Zone is creating a space for your curiosity, by merging industry work and entrepreneurship. We will discuss how you can transfer the skills you develop into industry employment or starting your own brand. The discussion will range from what future opportunities that are available in the fashion industry, and the current fashion trends. 

We will be discussing tech and sustainability inclusion in fashion, and the current offerings of the Fashion Zone as it relates to inclusive opportunities for creators within the space. We will chat with the School of Fashion Alumni and Fashion Zone companies who are innovating, challenging and breaking down the barriers of diversity and inclusion in the fashion industry.

FZ SOF Event (2000 x 650 px) (818 x 613 px)