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About Us

Welcome to Fashion Zone.
Where Fashion Meets Future.

As part of Ryerson’s approach to experiential learning, the Fashion Zone promotes entrepreneurship as a career path for students and budding entrepreneurs with an interest in fashion, design, and technology. We support creators with wisdom, mentorship, and community to explore, innovate and thrive in the fashion ecosystem while accelerating the likelihood of success for new companies and social ventures.

From learning how to create and launch a company to receiving industry mentorship, Fashion Zone members are empowered to develop new products, services and technologies in an environment that fosters collaboration and energy.

Our Vision

We empower creators who are redefining fashion.

Our Mission

We support creators with wisdom, mentorship and community to explore, innovate and thrive in the fashion ecosystem.

Our Highlights


companies awarded grants


jobs created

Our Goals

1. Solve industry problems

Work with industry partners to identify and address existing problems that require an innovative solution.

2. Generate economic impact

Discover and develop novel applications by leveraging zone resources to create revolutionary products and conquer new markets.

3. Build a Better World

Focus on social impact, by advancing a product, service, or technology that will have a tangible impact on individual and community life.

4. Collaborate Across Disciplines

Innovation lends itself to diverse teams of students, faculty, and industry professionals who come together to pursue unique solutions to real world problems.