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Research Clusters & Zones

At FEAS, we have a strong record of fostering collaboration through our six research clusters and four zones—the centres, joint ventures, incubators and institutes that drive innovation and entrepreneurship at Toronto Metropolitan University. Research clusters and zones tackle real-world problems by taking a multidisciplinary approach and joining forces with other leading organizations. By combining perspectives from a variety of fields, not only have we created new avenues for graduate and undergraduate learning and entrepreneurship, but we’re contributing solutions to society’s biggest challenges.


Female entrepreneur presents to two men seated at a table

Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEIE)

CEIE provides students with the mentorship and resources needed to turn their ideas into successful ventures. A central hub, it facilities collaboration between students, faculty and potential business partners. Learn more about CEIE, including their master of engineering innovation and entrepreneurship degree.

Researchers chat around a big piece of machinery

Centre for Urban Energy (CUE)

Drawing on the expertise of engineers, business experts, urban planners, architects and academics, CUE conducts highly focused research that addresses major energy challenges facing urban centres around the world. Learn more about CUE.

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Institute for Biomedical Engineering, Science & Technology (iBEST)

iBEST is a research institute established via a partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital. It brings scientists and engineers together to design products for medical applications, including surgical devices and wearable technology. Learn more about iBEST (external link) .

Inside the Toronto Metropolitan University Aerospace Engineering Centre

Toronto Metropolitan University Aerospace Engineering Centre (RAEC)

A 7000-square-foot centre in Toronto’s Downsview area, RAEC provides our students, faculty and partners with access to facilities for specialized research in aircraft noise reduction and advanced cabin development. Learn more about RAEC.

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Toronto Metropolitan University Institute for Aerospace Design & Innovation (AERIAS)

A project-based training program for top FEAS engineering undergraduates, AERIAS enables students to drive change in design and manufacturing, and bring value to leading Canadian aerospace companies. The program is available for both undergraduate and graduate students. Learn more about AERIAS.


A researcher in medical attire observes a diagram on a machine

Biomedical Zone

A partnership between Toronto Metropolitan University and St. Michael’s Hospital, the Biomedical Zone offers health startups unprecedented access to the clinical environment, while facilitating unique experiential learning opportunities for students. Learn more about the Biomedical Zone (external link) .

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Clean Energy Zone (CEZ)

At the forefront of today’s energy sector transformation is CEZ—a multidisciplinary incubator focused on clean, sustainable innovations, including electric vehicles, renewables, microgrids, and energy storage and distribution. Learn more about CEZ.

An art construction stands in the distance while the sun sets behind it

Design Fabrication Zone (DFZ)

A collaboration between Toronto Metropolitan University’s School of Interior Design and the Department of Architectural Science, DFZ gives students access to the advanced equipment, technical support, workshops and networking opportunities they need to take their ideas and designs to the prototype stage. Learn more about DFZ.

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Innovation Boost Zone

Innovation Boost Zone is an early-stage startup incubator focused on developing tech-based ventures and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset. Students have the opportunity to work on their own startup ideas, an impact project, and/or develop their entrepreneurial skills. Learn more about Innovation Boost Zone (external link) .