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FEAS Co-op & Internship Program

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Why do co-op?

At the Faculty of Engineering and Architectural Science (FEAS), all nine of our undergraduate programs offer paid, full-time co-op & internship opportunities. Our students and alumni can’t say enough about how taking part in co-op transformed their education, their careers and their lives. It’s no surprise. Studies have shown that the benefits of co-op are vast, including opportunities to:

  • Develop crucial skills such as communication, teamwork and leadership.
  • Experience firsthand exactly what engineering, architecture and construction employers expect.
  • Broaden your professional network and make lasting industry connections.
  • Gain an edge in today’s competitive job market.

As part of your studies, you’ll have the opportunity to work for leading Canadian companies, such as Bombardier Aerospace, Hydro One and IBM Canada—building your resume, your network and your confidence along the way.

$47,800 average annual
co-op income

8-20 months of

Program-specific Information

The co-op & internship program differs depending on which program you’re in.

Architectural Science

The Architectural Science co-operative education internship is a highly competitive program open to the top 40 students in third year. For 12-16 consecutive months, you will take a break from your studies and gain valuable work experience with leaders in the architecture, engineering and construction industry, including award-winning design firms.


Chemical Engineering Co-op

A co-operative internship is a mandatory component of this program, helping you make informed career decisions and giving you valuable experience with Canada’s leaders in water treatment, food manufacturing, pollution control and more. Beginning in your second year, you will alternate between academic and work terms, for a total of 16-20 months of work experience throughout your degree.

Aerospace, Biomedical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, Mechatronics Engineering

The co-op & internship program is the same for each of these eight programs. View all necessary information below:

To be eligible for the co-op & internship program, you must be a full-time student in 3rd year and meet all the criteria listed below by the specified deadlines.


Academic Standing CGPA Course Requirement Deadline
Clear 1.67+ All courses for semesters 1-4 (excluding liberals) September 2022
2.33+ All courses for semesters 1-5 (excluding liberals) January 2023
All courses for semesters 1-6 (excluding liberals) May 2023

International Students

International students need to have a co-op work permit to be able to take a co-op job in Canada. For information about applying for a co-op work permit, please visit Toronto Metropolitan University’s International Student Support website.


To apply for co-op job opportunities, you must first enroll in the co-op & internship program. Enrolment applications are accepted once every academic year in September. All eligible students are encouraged to apply.

Before submitting an enrolment application, you need to obtain an unofficial copy of your transcript via MyServiceHub.

You do not need to upload your resume and cover letter during your enrolment application.  


  1. Visit Toronto Metropolitan University’s Co-op Portal.
  2. From the navigation menu at the top of the page, select Students > Apply to Co-op. You will be redirected to a Toronto Metropolitan University login page.
  3. Enter your Toronto Metropolitan University ID and password and select Log In.
  4. After you’re logged in, select My Account and complete the form and upload a profile picture.
  5. After you finish updating your profile, from the left menu, select Co-op and then select your academic program.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the application form. Once done, click Submit and you’ll receive an email confirmation that your application has been received.

After you confirm your eligibility and apply to the co-operative internship program through the Co-op Portal, your department’s co-op faculty advisor will review your application. If your application is accepted, you will receive a conditional offer of admission, usually within 2–4 weeks.

1. Placement Opportunities

  • Co-op Portal
    Opportunities are advertised on Toronto Metropolitan University’s Co-op Portal on a regular basis from October until August. You must be accepted into the co-op & internship program to apply to these job opportunities.
  • Securing Your Own Job
    If you secure your own co-op placement, you will need to complete the Job Eligibility Form (which can be found in the Co-op Portal) and email it to the FEAS co-op office for approval. The job must be relevant to your academic program, and the provided job description or work plan must meet the co-op & internship job criteria (which will be communicated to you upon enrolment in the co-op & internship program). Approval must be obtained prior to the commencement of the internship.

2. Interview Process

If you’ve been shortlisted for a position, you will be notified by the employer directly or by the FEAS co-op office to set up an interview. You are expected to confirm your interview availability within 24 hours (unless otherwise stated). If you don’t respond within 24 hours, you will be withdrawn from the interview process.

Job interviews are expected to be conducted either in-person (on campus or at the premises of the hiring employer) or remotely (by phone or video conferencing, e.g. Skype or Zoom). You are expected to attend all interviews unless you have accepted another offer of employment. If you are unable to attend your interview, you must notify the FEAS co-op office and/or the employer in advance. Missed interviews may result in withdrawal from the co-op & internship program.

3. Accepting Job Offers

You must accept or decline a job offer within 48 hours (unless otherwise stated). You can consult with the FEAS co-op office prior to accepting the offer, or you can notify them after you accept. If you decide to decline an offer, you must notify the FEAS co-op office prior to contacting the employer. In the event where you don’t respond to an offer, the FEAS co-op office will decline the offer on your behalf.

Eligible students can start work terms anytime between May and September. Co-op job placements must be 8, 12, or 16 consecutive months. Job postings will indicate how long the work term will be. The following tables illustrate different examples of academic and work term schedules. In all cases, participating in the co-op & internship program will extend your years of study from four to five years.

Example One: 8 months of experience (May start)

Year of Study Fall Winter Spring/Summer
Year 1 Study Term Study Term  
Year 2 Study Term Study Term  
Year 3 Study Term Study Term Work Term 1
Year 4 Work Term 2 Study Term  
Year 5 Study Term Study Term  

Example Two: 12 months of experience (May start)

Year of Study Fall Winter Spring/Summer
Year 1 Study Term Study Term  
Year 2 Study Term Study Term  
Year 3 Study Term Study Term Work Term 1
Year 4 Work Term 2 Work Term 3  
Year 5 Study Term Study Term  

Example Three: 16 months of experience (May start)

Year of Study Fall Winter Spring/Summer
Year 1 Study Term Study Term  
Year 2 Study Term Study Term  
Year 3 Study Term Study Term Work Term 1
Year 4 Work Term 2 Work Term 3 Work Term 4
Year 5 Study Term Study Term  

Example Four: 8 months of experience (September start)

Year of Study Fall Winter Spring/Summer
Year 1 Study Term Study Term  
Year 2 Study Term Study Term  
Year 3 Study Term Study Term  
Year 4 Work Term 1 Work Term 2  
Year 5 Study Term Study Term  

Example Five: 12 months of experience (September start)

Year of Study Fall Winter Spring/Summer
Year 1 Study Term Study Term  
Year 2 Study Term Study Term  
Year 3 Study Term Study Term  
Year 4 Work Term 1 Work Term 2 Work Term 3
Year 5 Study Term Study Term  

FEAS Co-ops and Internships aim to provide you with meaningful and rewarding experiential learning that ties in with your career and academic goals, as well as the core defining aspects of Experiential Learning as outlined in Policy 169. Each FEAS co-op and internship opportunity go through a rigorous approval process to ensure that they are academically relevant and integrated, with clear learning objectives and direct connection to the academic program. 

However, FEAS co-ops and internships differ in some aspects in relation to placement duration, co-op designation, and OSAP recognition. All co-ops and internships are academically recognized and equally supported by FEAS co-op. The table below highlights the differences between co-op and internship placements.

  Co-op Internship
Placement duration 12 and 16 months (consecutive) 8 months (consecutive)
Placement start date Anytime between May and September
Access to student support and resources? Yes
Access to career education and support? Yes
Academic reporting Yes
Academic recognition and credit on transcript? Yes
Gaining valuable and rewarding engineering experience? Yes
Getting paid while on placement? Yes
Co-op designation as part of degree name? Yes No
OSAP recognition and interest-free status Yes


(No loan repayment until the end of the six months grace period)

The salary you will receive is typically discussed with the employer during the hiring process, but on average co-op students earn $47,800 per year. This salary information is based on the historical salary average reported by students and employers, and is intended to be a guide only. If you have questions, please contact FEAS Co-op.

From the time your enrolment application is accepted until the time you complete your co-op/internship placement, you’ll have ongoing support in several areas, including co-op advising and career preparation (e.g. resume and cover letter support, job search and interview tips, etc.).

Our FEAS Co-op team is here to support you throughout your co-op/internship journey. We offer tailored 1:1 appointments, interview coaching sessions, personal branding guidance, and more to help you succeed in the workplace.

If you have any inquiries, questions, or concerns, visit this page, external link to book an appointment.

The co-op & internship program is an academic course equivalent to one credit. You’ll need to complete the full 8-16 months of your full-time placement to receive credit (and co-op designation for co-op placements). You’ll also have to submit an academic report at the end of your work term to your department’s co-op faculty advisor.

The co-op/internship fee is currently under review. This fee is payable after you secure a job and register for the co-op/internship course and is calculated in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities and Toronto Metropolitan University policies. The fee covers various supports provided for co-op students, including the recruitment process, business development with employers, job development and system infrastructure and administration. For more information please contact the FEAS co-op office.

Note: All co-op/internship program fees and payments are non-refundable.

Program Name and Contact

Rachel Pui Ching Tam

  416-979-5000 ext. 555016

Dr. Paul Walsh

 416-979-5000 ext. 557729

Biomedical, Computer, Electrical

Yvonne Cordwell

 416-979-5000 ext. 555052

Dr. Dimitri Androutsos

 416-979-5000 ext. 555334


Dianne Mendonca

 416-979-5000 ext. 557626

Dr. Darko Joksimovic

 416-979-5000 ext. 556462


Shirley Dacanay

 416-979-5000 ext. 552129

Dr. Mohamed Wahab Mohamed Ismail

 416-979-5000 ext. 552670

Mechanical & Mechatronics

Shirley Dacanay

 416-979-5000 ext. 552129

Dr. Donatus Oguamanam

 416-979-5000 ext. 557490

Please contact the FEAS co-op office for all questions related to:

  • Co-op & internship inquiries
  • Career development
  • Program eligibility
  • Job search, applications and interviews
  • student job accommodation needs
  • Co-op & internship program events and workshops
  • Co-op portal troubleshooting

FEAS Co-op office contacts

Gulsen Baysal
Career Development Specialist 
 416-979-5000 ext.544480

Meliza Yao Li
Co-op Program Specialist
 416-979-5000 ext. 544481

Nushin Raihan
Co-op Program Administrator
 416-979-5000 ext.544479

Husam Olabi
Senior Manager, Co-op & Internship Program and Experiential Learning Initiatives
 416-979-5000 ext. 543462

Please contact your academic department for all questions related to:

  • Program eligibility
  • Academic co-op reporting
  • Work term course enrolment
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Are you an employer?

Visit our Employers & Industry Partners page to find out how you can connect with FEAS by hiring our co-op students, getting to know our experts, and more.

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