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Student Experience

Your university years are a time for growth and development. Discover everything we have to offer at FEAS below, from our clubs and teams, to student government, zones, clusters and co-operative internships. Or try something new, and explore outside of your comfort zone. Whatever opportunities you choose to pursue, we encourage you to go all-in. By learning as much as you can about your peers, your world and yourself, you will enrich your Toronto Metropolitan University experience and your life.

Two students studying together at the Digital Media Zone

Academic Support & Counselling

At FEAS, we support you through one-on-one academic counselling and resources for math, studying, writing, note-taking and reading skill development. Learn more about our academic support and counselling.

Two students chatting in the Student Learning Centre

Campus Life

Book a campus tour, explore Toronto through the eyes of Toronto Metropolitan University students, and get answers to your questions about on- and off-campus housing, accessibility, food and more. Learn more about campus life at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Three students laughing and chatting outside the Student Learning Centre

Career Boost

Search the job boards at Career Boost, Toronto Metropolitan University's source for off-campus and on-campus employment opportunities in research, peer advising, not-for-profits, administration, and more. Learn more about Career Boost.

Woman on a path at the Quad that leads to a fork in the road

Career Readiness

From resumé assistance to job fairs and networking events, Toronto Metropolitan University gives you access to incredible free resources. Learn more about the Toronto Metropolitan University Career & Co-op Centre.

Three students discuss what's on a laptop screen

Clusters & Zones

Determined to tackle society’s big challenges? A fan of start-up culture? Then you will enjoy our hubs and communities in areas such as biomedical, urban energy and design fabrication. Learn more about our clusters and zones.

A woman and man discuss a document inside an industrial building

Co-operative Internships

Co-op can give you focus in your educational journey, an advantage in today’s competitive job market, and direction in your life. Learn more about our co-operative internships, which are offered by every program at FEAS.

Students from the great northern concrete toboggan team riding their toboggan

Design Teams

Want to put your skills to the test, travel to cool destinations and meet new people? Consider joining one of our 15+ student design teams, including the Toronto Metropolitan University International Hyperloop Team, Toronto MetRobotics (TMR), and Toronto Metropolitan University Helium. Learn more about our design teams.

Engineering and Architectural Science Day

Engineering and Architectural Science Day is when all fourth-year engineering students and select architectural science students present their Capstone projects for judging. We provide poster templates, presentation tips, and other important event info to ensure students are set up for success.

A woman presenting her work to a group of peers


Toronto Metropolitan University and FEAS can help you turn your idea into a business through our network of hubs, awards and incubators, including the Esch Awards, the Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship, and the DMZ. Learn more about entrepreneurship at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Group of students chatting and studying at the Student Learning Centre

Equity & Community Inclusion

Our Faculty helps you find your voice and become an ally through workshops, conferences, networking, mentorship and more—all led by our Equity and Community Inclusion Office. Learn more about equity and community inclusion at FEAS.

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Scholarships & Awards

With approximately $33 million in annual scholarship support, Toronto Metropolitan University recognizes and rewards the academic achievements of students. Learn more about available scholarships and awards.

Two excited students from EngOut walk in front of a crowd of people at a Pride event

Student Groups

Get involved and find community by joining a Toronto Metropolitan University chapter of an international organization, a course union, or an interest group. You can also apply to start your very own group. Learn more about our student groups.

Engineering students point their pinky fingers towards the sky

Student Government

Connect with your peers and represent your shared interests through the Toronto Metropolitan University Architectural Science Society (arc.soc) or the Toronto Metropolitan University Engineering Student Society (MUES). Learn more about our student government opportunities.

Group of students in the Student Learning Centre


This program matches first-year students with upper-year students to help you transition into university life. You can also become a mentor yourself and make a difference in the lives of your peers. Learn more about Tri-Mentoring at Toronto Metropolitan University.

Two undergraduate research assistants sit in front of their laptops

Undergraduate Research Assistantships

If you are driven to develop your lab and data analysis skills, we offer many opportunities for you to work with our Faculty’s talented principal investigators. Learn more about our undergraduate research assistantships.