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Dr. Vadim Geurkov

Vadim Geurkov
Associate Professor
BSc, MASc, PhD, PEng

Areas of Academic Interest

Built-in self-test and self-repair in reconfigurable computing systems

Digital and mixed-signal systems testing and testable design

Self-diagnosis in microprocessor-based measurement instruments

Fault tolerance in digital and mixed-signal systems

Error control codes


Year University Degree
1993 Institute of Control Sciences, Moscow PhD
1981 Georgian Technical University, Tbilisi MASc

Courses Taught

Course Code Course
COE 328 Digital Systems
COE 538 Microprocessor Systems
EE8505 Digital Systems Testing


When it comes to research, Vadim Geurkov values quality over quantity, and impact over accolades. “It’s better to create one masterpiece in five years than 50 each year,” he says. “You may publish just one work, but if someone actually can use it, you feel so satisfied.”

There’s perhaps no better field for a researcher like Geurkov than in reconfigurable computer systems, where he focuses on error detection, location and correction. After all, these systems are everywhere and, in many of them – such as hospitals, space travel and nuclear power plants – faults can lead to life-critical situations. Increasing the fault tolerance, robustness and reliability of these systems leads to a safer world for all of us.

Despite his conscientious approach to research, Geurkov is never short of ideas. In his office sits a folder that acts as a sort of research diary, documenting the many projects and theories Geurkov hopes to one day explore. Somewhere in that folder lies Geurkov’s masterpiece. “You get lots of satisfaction when you do something which has not been done by anyone else. You raise the bar, and no one can jump over that bar. You can. It’s not easy, but be persistent.”

Vadim Geurkov

“The smarter you are, the more you realize how little you actually know.”

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  • Embedded Reconfigurable Systems Laboratory
  • Ontario Society of Professional Engineers, Member
  • Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario, Member
  • IEEE, Senior Member
  • ACM, Member