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Dr. Rasha Kashef

Rasha Kashef
Associate Professor
BSc, MSc, PhD, PEng
416-979-5000 ext. 6484

Areas of Academic Interest

Data science

Smart systems

Big Data analytics

Artificial intelligence

Recommendation systems

Management science

Simulation and modelling

Distributed computing


Year University Degree
2008 University of Waterloo PhD
2004 Arab Academy for Science and Technology MSc
2001 Alexandria University BSc

Courses Taught

Course Code Course
BME 506 Introduction to Software Systems
COE 628 Operating Systems
COE 691 Software Requirements Analysis and SPEC
EE 8225 IoT Analytics


Rasha Kashef is a champion of charting your own path. As a young adult, Kashef was drawn by the prestige of a medical career and influenced by physicians within her family to follow in their footsteps and become a doctor. It was thanks to her father, a math teacher, that Kashef discovered engineering. “It turns out, I really like mathematics, and engineering is my path. I adore analytics,” she says. 

Kashef’s skill in mathematics has been the catalyst of her success in the field of data analytics. Through her research, she applies machine learning techniques to unlock the hidden meaning in big data, with applications in marketing, e-commerce, software systems and health care. “There’s a lot of information in data, and no one can understand it. But if you analyze it and discover that hidden information, that’s where we help decision makers to reach an accurate conclusion.”

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Rasha Kashef

“I aim for success. When I want to achieve something, I don’t give up easily.”

  • Dean’s SRC Award, 2024
  • Roger’s Cybersecure Fellowship, 2023
  • Nominated MITACS Supervisor Award, 2022
  • Best Paper awards, IEEE AIIoT, IEEE ICMISI, IEEE IEMtronics, 2024
  • Meritorious Candidate, NSERC Industrial Research and Development Fellowship (IRDF), 2012-2014 (Declined)
  • Exceptional Researcher Award, Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport, 2010
  • The University of Waterloo Doctoral Thesis Completion Award, 2008
  • Female Doctoral Scholarship, University of Waterloo, 2008
  • Kashef, R.F, “Adopting Big Data Analysis in The Agricultural Sector: Financial and Societal impacts“, Book Title: IoT and Analytics for Agriculture, published by Springer, Accepted on June 2019.
  • Kashef, R.F, Warraich, M., “Homogenous Vs. Heterogeneous Distributed Data Clustering”, Book Title: Studies on Big Data, published by Springer, In press, to be published December 2019.
  • Kashef, R.F, Gencarelli, M. “Classification of Outlier’s Detection Methods Based on Quantitative or Semantic Learning”, Book Title” Combating Security Challenges in the Age of Big Data: Powered by State of the Art AI Techniques, published by Springer, In press, to be published December 2019.
  • Kashef, R.F, “Ensemble-Based Anomaly Detection Using Cooperative Learning”, Journal of Machine Learning, Proceedings of Machine Learning Research, PMLR, Volume 71, pp 43-55, December 2017.
  • Kashef, R.F, Kamel, M.S., “Cooperative Clustering “, Journal of Pattern Recognition, PR (43), No. 6, pp: 2315–2329, 2010.