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Dr. Mohammadreza Arani

Mohammadreza Arani
Assistant Professor, CRC in Smart Grid Cyber-Physical Security
BSc, MASc, PhD
416-979-5000 ext. 6109

Areas of Academic Interest

Cyber-physical security of smart grids

Microgrids dynamics and control

Renewable and distributed generation

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles

Power system stability


Year University Degree
2017 University of Alberta PhD
2012 University of Waterloo MASc
2009 Sharif University of Technology BSc

Courses Taught

Course Code Course
EES 612 Electric Machines and Actuators


Even with a handful of positions to choose from, the decision for Mohammadreza Arani to bring his research to Ryerson was an obvious choice. The power systems and renewable energy researcher saw the potential offered by a downtown core campus. “What I’m doing is very much related to improving urban life, and Ryerson benefits from being in Toronto” he says. Arani’s research, which began in renewable energy and wind generators during his undergraduate studies and later evolved to cyber security of smart grids, has benefited from not only the location but also an impressive catalogue of facilities and researchers in his field of expertise. “We are one of the best institutions in this area of research.”

Having joined Ryerson in 2019, Arani represents a generation of faculty members who are injecting new ideas into the school of engineering. And yet, he himself is already looking to those who will come after him. “I see my graduate students as my future colleagues, whether they go to industry or academia. I help them become independent researchers, and we collaborate together,” says Arani. “Once they finish their degrees, we can continue our collaboration, now on a different level.”

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Mohammadreza Arani

“I try to solve problems that are important in the everyday life of people.”

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017-2019)
  • Alberta Innovates Technology Future Student Scholarship (2014-2017)
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