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Prospective Students

Data Science Laboratory welcomes students from a broad range of disciplines who are fascinated with the possibilities of turning big and complex data to knowledge. Information for the prospective graduate students can be found in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Graduate Program admission or Computer Science Graduate Program admission. For more information about other training programs contact Professor Ayse Bener.

Special Project

Canada's Big Data Consortium

In 2014, Ryerson University launched Canada’s Big Data Consortium to bring industry, government, and academia together to collaborate on key issues related to Big Data and Analytics.  

For its inaugural project, the Consortium led the first national, multi-sector study on  (PDF file) Canada’s Big Data and Analytics Talent Gap. Our objectives were to better understand the breadth and depth of the talent gap, as well as to develop strategies to help close the gap so that Canada can continue to innovate, compete, and grow its economy.

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