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Resources and Support

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We provide a range of customizable services and resources to programs working through periodic program review, curriculum assessment and modification, and new program development, including:

Resource/Service Description
Individual Consultations Curriculum Development Consultants provide individualized support and guidance to program representatives and teams working through all processes guided by IQAP.
PPR Orientation Workshop At the start of each PPR cycle, the CQ team offers orientation workshops to faculty and staff from programs undergoing their review. These workshops provide an overview of the PPR process, introduce PPR teams to their dedicated consultant, and offer a dedicated space to answer questions and share resources. 
Program-Specific Workshops, Retreats, and Meeting Facilitation

Consultants are available to deliver customized workshops and facilitate program meetings or retreats, as a part of the program review or curriculum modification and development processes. Common session topics include:

Student Feedback and Experience (SFX) Sessions To gather qualitative data from students, the CQ team will facilitate large and small-group discussions to gather program-specific feedback that can be incorporated into the PPR self-study, and inform both program and curricular modifications.
Stakeholder Survey Templates Modifiable templates for student, alumni, and employer surveys are available to gather feedback as a part of the program’s PPR self-study.