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Graduate Checklist

  1. Apply to graduate. Learn more about this process (opens in new window)  through Curriculum Advising.
  2. Verify your official name on MyServiceHub (opens in new window) . This is the name that will appear on your award document. Official requests are due by Friday, April 26th.
  3. Find your convocation ceremony date and time on the convocation schedule (opens in new window) . Use the search feature to find your specific program. This is especially important if your Faculty is hosting more than one ceremony, as you will only be permitted to attend the ceremony for your degree program.
  4. Register to attend your ceremony (opens in new window) . Eligible students will receive an official notice through Curriculum Advising. Here you can let us know if you have any accessibility requests.
  5. Review the regalia guidelines (opens in new window)  for what you can and can't wear during your convocation.
  6. Visit the TMSU grad photos and composite page (external link, opens in new window) 

Arrive 90 minutes prior to the start of your ceremony for check-in at the Varsity Court (2nd floor of the Mattamy Athletic Centre). 

  1. Bring your registration confirmation (QR code or printed) and OneCard.
  2. You will receive a gown and hood, depending on your program, and a Name Reader Card.
  3. Keep your Name Reader Card (do not bend it!) and line up based on the number that appears at the top of your card. Volunteers will be available to assist. 
  4. Our staff will lead you into the Convocation Arena 30 minutes before the ceremony. Please stay in a single file and in numerical order throughout the procession. 
    • Please arrive on time. If you arrive after the procession has left Varsity Court, you will be seated in a separate section from your classmates.
    • The procession leaves Varsity Court, up a flight of stairs and down a hallway to the entrance of the Convocation Arena on the third floor.
  5. You will be directed to your seat by convocation staff once inside the Convocation Arena. 

Please contact if you have any accessibility questions or concerns.

Each ceremony has ASL interpretation and live-captioning on screen in the Convocation Arena. 

  1. Your row will be directed to the stage ramp when it is time to cross the stage.
    • Bring your Name Reader Card with you and leave all other items on/under your seat. 
  2. Your Name Reader Card will be checked to ensure you are in the correct order. At the top of the stage, you will hand your Name Reader Card to a staff member who will cue you to cross the stage as your name is read.
  3. The Chancellor, President and other faculty will be on stage to congratulate you. Greet the Chancellor and President by placing your hand over your heart as you cross the stage (no handshakes, please!).
  4. Smile! A photographer from Gradimages (external link)  will take your photo at the bottom of the exit ramp after you have crossed the stage.
  5. A staff member will be waiting to show you to your seat for the remainder of the ceremony.
  6. The ceremony will conclude with the singing of the National Anthem. The Chancellor's Stage Party will leave the stage and exit the Convocation Arena.
  7. Convocation staff will lead all graduates row by row to the fourth floor concourse for post-ceremony celebrations.

The stage ramp and exit ramp are wheelchair accessible.

  1. Celebrate with your guests! There are photo opportunities throughout the MAC as well as memorabilia for purchase through the Campus Store on both sides of the fourth floor concourse. 
  2. For June convocation only: don't forget to pick-up your class composite from the TMSU booth in the Jet Ice Lounge (fourth floor). Students convocating in fall will be included in composites the following spring. Contact TMSU if you have any questions about composites.
  3. Gown Return and Check-Out: please return your regalia to the Varsity Court within 45 minutes of the ceremony end time. 
    • You will need to show your registration confirmation (QR Code or printed). 
  4. Once you return your regalia, you will receive your award document from Curriculum Advising.
    • Note: regalia not returned within the allotted time will result in a hold on your student account. You will not receive your award document or transcript until regalia has been returned. 
  5. Stay in touch. As a TMU alumnus, you have access to services and benefits that support your success and save you money. Stay in touch by visiting the Alumni and Friends website and updating your information.
  • Review the TMU regalia guidelines to learn more about what is (and isn’t) included as part of academic attire at convocation.
  • Wear comfortable standing shoes or bring an extra pair - you will be standing and walking throughout the ceremony, including up several flights of stairs during the procession.
    • It may be uncomfortable and/or unsafe to wear heels.
  • Plan ahead. To ensure each graduate is celebrated equally, we ask all graduates to stay for the entire ceremony to support each other. Let your guests know they can expect each ceremony to last 1.5 - 2 hours.
  • Leave your personal belongings/valuables with your guests or at home - there are no monitored storage facilities on-site.
  • Use #AlwaysAlumni. Convocation is an exciting milestone during your university experience. We want you to celebrate it! Share messages of congratulations, your photos and memories using #AlwaysAlumni.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged to show your registration confirmation (QR code) and for photos as well as check out, following the ceremony! 
  • Check your TMU email access (including two-factor authentication) - this is important for any last-minute confirmations or if you need to resend your guests their tickets.
  • GradImages (external link)  will contact you via email within a few weeks of your ceremony with photo proofs. Only grads who provided photo consent during registration will receive proofs. 

Not Attending Convocation?

If you are not attending convocation, you may graduate in absentia. If extenuating circumstances arise that affect your ability to attend your convocation ceremony, a case-file may be started to evaluate your attendance eligibility. Please visit the Curriculum Advising page to learn more.

When graduating in absentia, after July 1 or November 1 (for spring or fall convocation), you may arrange a courier of your document by logging into your ServiceHub account and submitting an Online Graduation Document Courier Request.

Alternatively, your award document will be made available for pick-up at the ServiceHub, POD150.

If you are unable to pick up your document yourself you may authorize someone else to pick it up on your behalf. You must provide this individual with a letter of authorization, which must include: your signature, your full name, your student number, your program name, term of graduation, and the full name of the person you are authorizing to pick up your document. The individual picking up your document must also provide photo identification proving they are the person stated in the authorization letter.

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