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Welcome to Canadian Organic Links. This site contains a list of and web links to researchers at Canadian PhD-granting universities whose research emphasis and interests lie within the broadly defined field of organic chemistry. This website is meant to be a tool for researchers, students, media, and anyone else interested in learning about who is doing what in the field of organic chemistry in Canada.

Canadian Organic Links is proud to support organic chemists at Canadian institutions and also Canadian organic chemists abroad. If you fall into one of these two categories and would like Canadian Organic Links to publicize your paper, award, or other notable item, tag @CanOrgLinks to your relevant post on Twitter.

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Created and maintained by Prof. Marc J. Adler (Ryerson University).  

Last updated 1 Jun 2021.

University of Lethbridge openings
Peter Dibble, external link, opens in new window  
Laurentian University openings
Hélène Joly, external link, opens in new window  
Royal Military College of Canada openings
Olivier Lebel, external link, opens in new window  
Trent University openings
Eric Keske, external link, opens in new window  
Wilfrid Laurier University openings
Kenneth Maly, external link, opens in new window