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AIMday™ “Future of Livable Cities” Unites Industry and Academic Researchers in Solving Urban Challenges

On November 25, Ryerson is hosting an AIMday event focused on urban innovation with university partner Queen’s University and co-host City Building Ryerson
By: Claire Pfeiffer
November 02, 2021

One of the challenges of the private and public sectors is not having access to the latest academic research that drives urban innovation and new solutions forward. AIMday seeks to address this challenge by offering an opportunity for companies and organizations to connect with academic researchers to discuss big questions and chart a pathway to discovering answers through further research.

Ryerson University is hosting an AIMday on November 25 with the theme of “Future of Livable Cities,” with Queen’s University joining as university partner. On this date, researchers based at Ryerson and Queen’s will be matched with participating companies and organizations based on the questions they have submitted that focus on creating cities of the future -- cities that are healthy, vibrant, equitable, resilient and ready to maximize on the potential of technological advances. In individual sessions, these groups of researchers and industry partners will meet and discuss approaches to answering these questions through ongoing research and collaboration. 

In essence, AIMday is a means of making new connections, sharing knowledge and ideas, and activating the potential of collaboration between industry and academia. Previous AIMday events have resulted in fruitful discussions, expanded networks and new partnerships focused on providing rigorous analysis and evaluation towards solutions to major issues. As universities like Ryerson and Queen’s have tremendous technical and knowledge resources at their disposal, private sector partners can be introduced to these through AIMday, and learn how these resources can be leveraged and mobilized to support their development and success.

Industry registration for this AIMday is now closed, and academic registration has begun. We are pleased to have signed up a robust list of participating organizations, and look forward to welcoming them on November 25, and pursuing new opportunities to apply leading research to real-world problems affecting urban centres and communities.

AIMday “Future of Livable Cities” is brought to you by the Office of the Vice President, Research and Innovation, Ryerson University, with university partner Queen’s University and co-host City Building Ryerson. For more information, visit