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February 6 to 9, 2023

How to Put Affordable in the Missing Middle

Following changes to loosen exclusionary zoning, many municipalities, including Toronto, are rolling out programs specific to adding units to single-family properties such as multiplexes and backyard or laneway suites. But will these programs lead to significant housing supply? Will any of these homes be affordable?

Watch the recordings of this four-part "how-to" webinar series produced in partnership by University of Toronto’s School of Cities, City Building TMU and ULI Toronto aimed at sparking a renovation revolution across our neighbourhoods and creating equitable opportunities in the “Missing Little.”

Series: Urban Innovation Café

On the innovations driving cities forward

Our Urban Innovation Café is an ongoing series that brings together diverse leaders, researchers and policy makers in moderated panels to discuss current urban innovations and their potential to solve problems.

Powering the Future with Centre for Urban Energy

Bringing Ecology and Food Sovereignty to Rooftops in the City with TMU Urban Farm

Mississauga: Smart Mobility

Healthy Water, Healthy City with Urban Water TMU

Is Transportation Planning Undergoing a Major Shift? with TransForm Lab

Mississauga: Neighbourhood Planning for a 15-Minute City

Addressing the National Housing Deficit with Urban Analytics Institute

Mississauga: Smart City Framework

Smart Freight: safe, green and efficient goods delivery

Series: Fresh Voices | 2021

Meet our newest city builders!

This webinar series in fall 2021 showcased the ideas, perspectives and research priorities of the new faculty members across campus doing work related to building healthier, more resilient urban systems, places and communities.

Plastic Additives: an overlooked risk for our urban drinking water? With Dr. Roxana Suehring

Wastewater Biorefinery and Urban Health with Dr. Rania Hamza

Dealing with (Massive) Urban Change in Japan with Dr. Will Galloway

Creating Inclusive Neighbourhoods for People Living with Dementia with Dr. Samantha Biglieri

Activating Open Spaces and Creative Placemaking with Victor Perez-Amado

Series: Research in Focus | 2021

Pushing the boundaries of city building

This series in spring 2021 was designed to showcase timely research and thought leadership across disciplines from our university that adds depth and dimension to core city building concepts. The series page includes text summaries as well as video recordings.

Housing Affordability and Immigrant Groups in Canada with Dr. Vik Singh

Pandemic Stress and Stigma Relief with Dr. Josephine Wong

Advancing Neighbourhood Businesses with Dr. Zhixi Zhuang

Imagining the Future of Toronto's Chinatown Districts with Linda Zhang

Women and Cities: Planning for Equity with Diana Petramala

Health Impacts of Urban Road Traffic Noise with Dr. Tor Oiamo

Mapping Local News Poverty with Prof. April Lindgren

Series: COVID in Focus | 2020

In this webinar series, which ran in Fall 2020, we explored aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic’s wide-ranging impact on cities. Faculty members presented their latest research into the effect of policy measures enacted during the pandemic, as well as newly apparent needs for pandemic preparedness and the protection of public health in an urban context. 

How our homes impact our health with Dr. Terri Peters

Road safety as a public health issue with Dr. Linda Rothman

Mapping children's healthy movement during COVID-19 with Dr. Raktim Mitra

How cycling infrastructure can save lives with Dr. Anne Harris